Stuff On My Baby: Hashtag Goes Viral On Social Media, Hilarious Photos

The hashtag stuff on my baby is now trending on social media and the hilarious photos parents are posting of their infants are going viral.

On a slow Monday afternoon, what is better than no news? Silly photos of babies with all kind of things on their tiny heads and so many people looking at them to actually make them trend, or so they say.

In any case, these poor kids who still can’t even sit up by themselves are the focus of the latest internet trending topic. People are taking notice on Twitter and Instagram, and leaving comments about how hilarious the photos are.

Let’s take a look at a few of them to see if you agree that the “stuff on my baby” is really funny.

For those who are not familiar with the Stuff on my_______ hashtag, kids are not the only victims of pranks. There is a Stuff on my Cat hashtag, and several people actually created Twitter accounts for it. Seriously.

But these Twitter accounts don’t end with babies or cats. Other animals, such as pet rabbits, also have to suffer through what their owners put on them. Check out some cute bunnies.

Most people may think the Stuff on my Baby or the other hashtags are really silly, but this sort of thing has a following on social media, as you can see. Do you think parading your baby like this is wrong?

[Image via Instagram]