Leah Remini Snuggles With 'King Of Queens' Star Kevin James In Throwback Pic

Leah Remini snuggled with former King of Queens co-star Kevin James in a throwback Instagram snap the actress shared in honor of her pal's birthday. The longtime friends shared their affection for one another in the photo. Leah revealed her feelings for Kevin as she spoke about the things she loves most about him in the caption.

In the undated photo, Leah and Kevin are cheek to cheek. Her arm is around his neck and her right hand is protectively cradling his face. Kevin looks happy to be close to his co-star as he put on a sly smile for the pic. He and Leah helmed the hilarious CBS series from 1998-2007, the story of a young, working-class married couple from Queens, New York.

The series dealt with some serious issues throughout its run, including infertility, trust issues between couples, dealing with troublesome family members, and its main characters almost splitting up. But what always stood the test of time was the characters Carrie and Doug's devotion to one another and their ability to laugh their way out of any rough situation.

Leah's hair and makeup are reminiscent of the era. Thin eyebrows frame her face. She wore light purple eye shadow and lots of mascara for the share. On her cheeks was a darker blush in the hollows, to make them look slimmer. Her lips sported a brownish-red color, a very popular lip trend during the nine years the show aired. Leah's naturally brown tresses were highlighted with blond streaks placed strategically along her hairline.

In the caption of the share, Leah spoke of her long friendship with the actor. She thanked him for laughter and friendship and shared her hope that his birthday included both of those gifts. In turn, Kevin responded that he also missed those days of laughing with Leah.

Leah's Instagram followers always love a good throwback photo of the actress and her longtime friend. They shared their feelings about her post in the pic's accompanying comments section, recalling all the good times they had throughout the nine-year-run of the series.

"I miss King of Queens so much!!! You guys were awesome on that show!!" shared one social media user.

"I still watch the repeats. Now more than ever we need a good laugh," stated a second fan.

"You made the perfect married couple on television," explained a third follower of Leah's.

"I do miss that show and watch reruns all the time!! Happy Birthday, Kevin James!!" noted a fourth Instagram fan.