Minnie Driver: Randy Jackson To Make Her An ‘American Idol’ After She Soared In ‘Peter Pan’ Musical? [Video]

Actress Minnie Driver was praised as one of the best aspects of the musical Peter Pan Live, and now Randy Jackson may be helping her soar in true American Idol style by mentoring her singing career, reported the New York Daily News.

Currently lauded as the lead in About a Boy, Driver sought career advice from Randy recently at the chic Chateau Marmont. But an observer emphasized that it was all business, no romance, when it came to Minnie and Randy. That’s because Driver was accompanied with her boyfriend, Neville Wakefield.

“She sat with her arms wrapped around [Wakefield’s] shoulder, smiling and giggling, and smooching him,” added the insider.

So just how did Minnie and Randy link up? It appeared to be a chance meeting that could prove to be a pivotal point in Driver’s career, said the source.

“Minnie walked in and greeted Randy like an old friend. They hugged and laughed, with Randy praising Minnie for her recent work and music. They had a conversation and she said she hoped to do another music project.”

As for Minnie’s past musical career, it includes a solo record release and United Kingdom tour. But most recently, Driver has focused on acting rather than music, and did a guest star gig in a CBS pilot, Happy Life.

But it was her surprise role as narrator in Peter Pan Live, playing the grown-up Wendy, that impressed viewers, reported Entertainment Tonight.

Although NBC was disappointed when Peter Pan Live failed to soar as high as The Sound Of Music Live in the ratings, Minnie defends the show and stayed silent about problems.

“I’ll never tell. Astonishingly, there was hardly anything that went wrong.”

But as the Inquisitr reported, many Twitter denizens who had hoped to enjoy hate-watching Peter Pan Live as much as Sound Of Music Live felt disappointed.

Also starring Brian Williams’ daughter and Girls actress Allison Williams as Peter Pan and Christopher Walken as a tap-dancing, singing Captain Hook, the musical broadcast was greeted with social media amusement.

Comedienne Sarah Silverman summed it up.

“There are only two women in #PETERPANLIVE and they’re both Christopher Walken.”

And many felt that the real stand-out performer of Peter Pan Live was the real live dog who played Nana, a role previously performed by an actor galloping around in a dog costume.

“Honestly, the real champion of Peter Pan Live thus far has been the dog trainer.”

[Photo By Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Critics’ Choice Television Awards]