Katy Perry Pregnant? Instagram Photo Sparks Rumors, As Pop Singer Slams Report

Katy Perry’s fans think she made a pregnancy announcement on Instagram. The 30-year-old shared a photo of herself wearing a necklace that had the word “Mom” on the pendant. Katy didn’t caption the photo or provide any context for the necklace, making it a “cryptic post,” according to Design & Trend. She did tag her fans, also known as “Katy Kats” or “Katy Cats.”

That didn’t stop Perry’s followers from wondering if she’s a mother. Some even outright asked the “Dark Horse” singer if she was pregnant! One wrote: “Good luck on your baby, Katy.” Another Katy Perry fan responded to that user with the following message: “She’s not pregnant.”

So, why did Katy wear the necklace? She feels like she’s a “mom” to her fans. Katy recently attended the premiere of her concert movie Katy Perry: The Prismatic World Tour on Thursday night. At the premiere, the pop star opened up about her relationship with her fans.

“We treat each other pretty equally and I’m their mom. I’m their mom!!! I have a lot of kids.”

Perry has nothing bad to say about her fans. In fact, she feels a lot of love for them, which is why Perry wanted to wear a “Mom” necklace.

“They’re not crazy! Listen, the fandoms are fabulous and they are different in their own way, but I believe that with my audience and the people that have thoroughly enjoyed my music over the years, we have a very intimate, genuine, authentic connection. I think that’s what has kept us connected throughout all this time because I remember them, they remember me.”

FishWrapper noted that since Katy’s “Mom” photo didn’t include a caption, she was probably giving some love to her fans. It’s similar to Lady Gaga’s fans who call her “Mother Monster.” The news site also noted that Perry could be celebrating the love for her own mom, since Mother’s Day is not too far away. It could also be a play on the slang word “mom,” which is considered a compliment in every music fandom.

OK! Magazine took off with the Katy Perry pregnancy rumors. In fact, the tabloid even wrote a report saying that the singer was expecting her first baby with on-again, off-again boyfriend John Mayer. A source allegedly told the publication that Perry is two months pregnant. The magazine went on to say that Perry and Mayer are also planning to get married in April.

The magazine made an announcement on Monday, March 30, to set the record straight about the Katy Perry pregnancy and marriage rumors. The tabloid admitted that it was a rumor made up from false sources. OK! also apologized to Perry for including paparazzi photos of the singer in her residence. The singer has called out the paparazzi several times on Twitter for taking photos of her in private places.

“In the March 2, 2015 print edition of OK! Magazine, we wrongly stated that Katy Perry was pregnant, and that she was planning a wedding. We acknowledge that Ms. Perry is not pregnant, and she is not planning a wedding. We regret the mistake and sincerely apologize to Ms. Perry for publishing the error. We also apologize for including paparazzi photos of Ms. Perry that had been taken with a long lens while she was having a private function at her home.”

Katy took to Twitter to retweet OK! Magazine’s apology and a series of related tweets.

The singer also shared her thoughts about tabloid magazines.

Katy Perry is not the only one who denied the pregnancy rumors. A source close to the singer told the Daily Mail that there’s no truth to the rumors. The source said: “Katy is not pregnant. She can’t even think about getting pregnant right now. She is in the middle of her world tour.”

[Image: Jason Merritt/Getty Images]