Bella Thorne Shows Skin, Says ‘High School Is Mean’

Bella Thorne has been making headlines for showing a lot of skin lately. The young actress has also been speaking out about high school. The 17-year-old said that filming her new teen flick brought back “bad memories” for her.

Thorne was homeschooled at a young age, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t subjected to bullying, like the Belfast Telegraph noted in its article about the actress. She revealed that when she was diagnosed with dyslexia in the first grade at public school, she got her share of teasing.

The DUFF star believes that bullying needs to be address. Bella explained during an interview with the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show that her new movie addresses the subject of bullying among teenagers.

“I didn’t know what The DUFF was before reading the script, but I guess it is something. For me, honestly, people tell me all the time: ‘It’s so mean, why do you guys say that?’ but really, high school is mean and if you dumbed-down high school to fit for the big screen, it wouldn’t be realistic. And, it was a book before it was a movie, so calm down people!

“I’ve been doing [premieres for] so long that it doesn’t freak me out; the only thing that freaks me out with crowds is reading in front of people and that’s because I’m dyslexic and it gives me bad memories.”

Thorne also revealed that she’s been enjoying her time in London, as she’s been promoting the movie. She’s been doing what any other normal 17-year-old would do. Eat and shop, of course!

“I did two of my favourite things; eating and shopping. They’re both amazing. What didn’t I buy? I think it’s a problem! I’m pretty sure I have a photo of me with all these bags, it’s just the most ridiculous photo of me outside… Covent Garden. I walked around there a bit and went for a little bike ride, they took me on a bike, you know the bike and the seats.”

Bella has also been showing off a lot of skin lately. The Hollywood Life revealed that she wore a cleavage-baring bra and matching pencil skirt on March 26. This time, Bella made an appearance at the New York Spring Spectacular Opening Night at NYC’s Radio City Music Hall. The celebrity gossip site thought her outfit was a “risqué” choice for the teen.

Even The Mirror believes that Thorne is growing up too fast. The news site displayed the photos of the actress in the grownup ensemble. Thorne kept her sexy look somewhat covered with a black blazer. She also accessorized her look with a black clutch and black matching pumps.

That’s not the only time that Bella showed off her midriff. The Daily Mail reported that she wore a hot pink crop top and matching flared skirt for her appearance on The View, also on March 26. Bella also stopped for a quick meet and greet with fans before she went on the daytime talk show to discuss her new movie and her rumored relationship with Pamela Anderson’s son, Brandon Lee.

Back in February, Thorne also flashed her midriff in a blush pink turtleneck crop top and matching skort. She paired her look with a blazer and strappy gold sandals.

What do you think of Bella Thorne’s belly-baring looks? Do you think she’s revealing too much skin at a young age?

[Image: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]