June 29, 2017
Turkish Plane Diverted Over Threat Of A Bomb, Potential Terrorism Target

For the second time in two days, a Turkish airline was forced to divert to another airport due to the threat of a bomb on board.

It was reported that on Sunday, a Turkish plane was diverted and forced to return to Istanbul due to a note being found in the bathroom. The note read "C-4 cargo." Anyone who has watched a movie is well aware that C-4 is a very common explosive which bombs are made from. No bomb was found, and the threat was deemed to be a hoax.

Today, another threat of a bomb forced another Turkish plane to change course. Turkish Airlines flight 15 was set to travel from Istanbul to Sao Paulo, Brazil. Another note was found in the bathroom. This note simply just said the word "bomb." That was enough to cause the plane to be diverted to a nearby airport.

The plane was diverted to Casablanca in Morocco. Once the diverted plane was on the ground, the 256 passengers were removed from the plane while officials were able to search and sweep the plane for any sign of a bomb. Once again, no bomb or explosives were found, and this threat was over.

A spokesperson for the airline is quoted as saying, "Our passengers will be retaken onboard and the flight will continue to Sao Paolo after the termination of cleaning and refuelling processes and after the provision of necessary permissions."

The entire airline industry seems to be suffering from an epidemic of bad luck. It is almost becoming a daily occurrence that the media is reporting on an incident involving an airplane. Most recently was the Germanwings airline that crashed due to the co-pilot.

The threat of a bomb on an airplane is one that is taken as a real threat 100 percent of the time. In this age of terrorism that we are in, we have developed and implemented the technology needed to make it very difficult for a bomb to make its way onto an airplane. That does not mean it is impossible though.

It has been documented that Al Qaeda is working on making bombs that have no metal in them. This would make them virtually undetectable to any airport that uses metal detectors as a security check.

Is it possible that these last two days have been a test of the Turkish Airlines by a terrorist organization?

With today being the second threat in two days, will we see another Turkish plane diverted over a threat tomorrow?

[Image via Observer.com]