WWE News: WWE Chairman Vince McMahon Claims He Took Wrestling Legend Sting From Obscurity To Fame

WrestleMania 31 was a critical success, which was a good shot in the arm for WWE. Not only did many of the matches end up being very good, but WWE pulled a shocker at the end of the night to leave us catching our breath. This WrestleMania was extra special going in for one reason alone, Sting was wrestling. The man that WWE was never able to get finally did come in, and it was amazing to see.

No one knew if Sting would ever work on the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania. We all know he wanted to. Sting has said numerous times that he has been close for years to jumping to WWE. His needs were simply always met by WCW or TNA Wrestling. It always worked out where he was, and due to his loyal nature, The Icon never left. This was commendable, but it left us with very little time to see Sting work in the place we always wanted to see him, the WWE.

Many had no idea what Sting had been up to for the last 14 years. Most average fans knew of him but never really knew what he was up to. Sting has been performing since WCW went down. He was with TNA for around a decade. The only reason he left this time around was not only because he wanted to end his career the right way, but because TNA was turning into something it wasn’t when he was first asked to come in. Yet some believe that Sting wasn’t much before coming into WWE.

Enter WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon.

According to What Culture, the Chairman of the board claimed in a recent conference call that he took Sting from obscurity into being an attraction. He also touted WrestleMania as a success in the very same call. For McMahon to take this kind of credit is bold.

Spike TV gave TNA Wrestling a TV time slot because they were able to bring in Sting to wrestle on the show. He was also helpful in beating WWE for years while performing with WCW. People cheered him when he came into WWE. On top of this, he was responsible for a great deal of TNA’s success. To say that McMahon made Sting into an attraction is like saying you created the wrestling ring itself. Sure, you’re the most popular company in the world, but the ring existed before WWE and has success outside of WWE.

Sting is by no means a Vince McMahon creation. He is his own creation at the end of the day. He was the only man that Vinny Mac couldn’t bring in and that sucked for Vince for decades. He offered Sting millions and he always turned him down. If Sting was not an attraction before, why would Vince want to bring him in at all? While TNA may not be well known, and Vince can say he may have plucked him from such a place…then WCW credits alone make Sting an attraction.

WWE and Vince McMahon can rightfully say that they may have made Brock Lesnar into a star for example, despite his outside success. The only reason he was given a chance in the UFC so quickly was because of the WWE affiliation. Then when he came into WWE, they knew they had someone they could continue to build up.

At the end of the day, WWE created the star that is Lesnar if you go back to the very beginning. Meanwhile Sting was never a WWE creation and never once performed under the WWE banner until 2014. He didn’t even do as much as an interview before then for them. McMahon is more than off-base with his comments regarding Sting, he is down right delusional. Despite this delusion, Sting was said to have loved working with WWE thus far and wants to continue working with the company if they’ll have him.

[IMG Credits: WWE.com]