Obama Liking His Reelection Chances Now

The polls have some really good news for President Obama and the Democrats. President Obama is finally breaching the 50% approval mark and he is ahead of all his GOP opponents in a hypothetical match up.

The polls show even more bad news for the Republican field. There is a real lack of enthusiasm for the republican candidates.

Mitt Romney has been the GOP frontrunner for more than a year. He’s got the money, he’s got the endorsements and he has the organization. Yet Republicans are starting to hold it against him that he can’t seem to put this one in the bag.

Thomas Stehlin, a lifelong Republican from Michigan says,

“That may be the reason right there. He spends lots of money and he doesn’t get anywhere.”

Rick Santorum may just be the Republican to unseat Romney and take the Republican Nomination, but be careful what you ask for. President Obama will be able to wipe the floor with Santorum. Santorum is a social conservative who focuses strongly on Morality, family values and is anti abortion and gay marriage. These issues will get you through the Republican primary but they are not going to play nationally in a general election against Obama.

Looking ahead to the general election, Obama holds an 8-point lead over Romney, 9 points over Santorum and 10 points over Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul, recent polls have shown.

Unemployment is dropping, the Dow is soaring and this just may be the time we remember that Obama comes back from being a blip in history to a second temr president on the warpath.

Do you think that either Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney can beat President Obama in the general election?