Dwarf Bodybuilder In Love With 6’3″ Transgender Girlfriend, Fairly Odd Love Story Goes Viral

Dwarf bodybuilder Anton Kraft, the only man in the world to lift four times his body weight pound-for-pound, is considered the strongest man in the world. Now, he considers himself “the luckiest man in the world” because he’s found love. According to the Daily Mail, the 4’4″ bodybuilder has met the woman of his dreams.

He’s reportedly in love with a transgender woman named China Bell. Of course, it’s nothing new for two people to fall in love, but Kraft, 52, and Bell, 43, are quite a unique couple. Bell, who was born an African American male and now identifies as a female, stands 6’3″ tall. So, it’s quite understandable why the dwarf bodybuilder and his transgender girlfriend turn heads. But, nevertheless, they’re happy. Now, they’re sharing details about their six-month love affair with the world!