Profoundly disabled students forced to fight by staff. If you guessed Texas, you win

Profoundly disabled students were forced into “fight club” style battles by the employees hired to care for them in at a school in Corpus Christi, Texas.

How did authorities find out? the same employees recorded the fights. The video was only discovered when one lost his phone, and it was handed to an off-duty policeman.

The footage shows staff goading young, male school residents into physical altercations, then shoving them at each other until fights ensued according to local reports. The videos go back as far as 2007, with the most recent “event” taken last month.

Eleven current or former state school employees were identified in the videos, state officials said. The local school board said that it would introduce supervisors for the disabled children overnight; despite in-residence schooling (the students live on school grounds), there was no supervision between 10pm and 6am, when the fights took place. Of course, even if they did have supervision, the supervisors were among those believed to be betting on the fights.

(image/ via SbB)