Louis Tomlinson Mystery Pool Girl: Louis’ New Girl Is The Daughter Of A Millionaire?

Louis Tomlinson’s kiss with a mystery girl in a pool has gone viral. It’s made some One Direction fans go crazy and wonder who the girl is. The girl that Louis was making out with has been revealed as Lucy Julian, the 20-year-old daughter of American menswear designer, Alexander Julian, according to a Daily Mail report. According to several reports, Alexander is a millionaire or multi-millionaire, which means that Lucy herself comes from money.

Tomlinson and Julian were spotted in the early hours of the morning of March 14 when they were spotted kissing at a private pool party in Bangkok, Thailand. It doesn’t like the party was that private, as onlookers were able to snag a photo of the couple. Tomlinson reportedly wore just his underwear and had his arms around Julian.

A source also revealed the couple’s mini makeout session. “They were kissing on and off for about 15 minutes. Louis was just wearing his boxers, having stripped off to swim. They were snogging passionately. I thought it was Eleanor until she turned round. He is going to be in a bit of trouble.”


The source assumed that Tomlinson was cheating on his girlfriend Eleanor Calder, but it was revealed that the couple split two weeks prior to the pool incident.

The Sun reported that Lucy is spending a year studying at Bangkok’s King Mongkut’s University of Technology. She’s travelling abroad with students from the Environmental Studies program from the University of North Carolina.

Lucy’s best friend, Kyja Kutnick, spilled all to the Britain-based tabloid. Doesn’t sound like they’ll be best friends any longer. Lucy’s friend said, “She’s definitely not embarrassed but they were incredibly strict. Louis’ security took her phone away from her. I’m not going to share the dirty details.”

Maybe Julian does have a good friend, after all. It appears that Kyja’s keeping her own lips sealed about Julian and Tomlinson’s make out session.

Fans claimed one of the model's from One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful music video in 2011 is the same girl Louis was pictured kissing in Bangkok last week.

One Direction fans played detective to find out who the mystery pool girl that Tomlinson was kissing in the photos. Some fans thought it was a girl named Demi Rowan, who appeared in their debut music video, “What Makes You Beautiful.” There have been rumors that Tomlinson and Rowan dated during the four years they knew each other. Tomlinson self reportedly denied that he was dating that woman. A spokesperson for the singer told The Daily Mail: “It is categorically not her.”

Neither Lucy nor Louis has responded to the allegations of their alleged tryst in Thailand. That hasn’t stopped Directioners from asking her on her Instagram page if she’s made out with him. Some even asked Lucy if she’s Louis’ new girlfriend.


It looks like Lucy Julian and Louis Tomlinson just wanted to have a little fun in Thailand. What are thoughts on their poolside make out session?

[Image: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images]