Why Is Andi Dorfman Hanging Out With ‘Bachelorette’ Producer?

Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman has completely changed her life around since getting engaged to Josh Murray. When Andi was filming the show, she was an assistant to the district attorney’s office in Atlanta, and she was looking for someone to fit into her life. But maybe Dorfman was bit by the fame bug because she never returned to her legal job in Atlanta.

Instead, Andi Dorfman tried to make her life work with Josh Murray for about six months, as the show aired. After going public, something changed in the relationship and they decided to break up. Instead of getting her job back, Dorfman moved to New York City, launched a t-shirt line, and even started working with companies to do sponsored posts on her Instagram account, according to the Inquisitr. But Dorfman may be planning a return to the show.

According to a new tweet, Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman was hanging out with Bachelorette producer Elan Gale in New York this morning. Andi posted a picture of them hanging out, even tagging Elan in the tweet. Gale is a well-known producer of The Bachelor and Bachelorette.

Andi Dorfman didn’t explain why they were hanging out, but she clearly wants people to know that they are hanging out. Andi has been rumored to be hanging around Nick Viall again. Just this weekend, Dorfman was hanging out with Sharleen Joynt in New York and they were posting pictures together. That same day, Sharleen’s future husband posted a picture with Nick Viall, so clearly, these two are hanging around the same group of people.

It is very possible that Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman changed her mind about Nick Viall. Some reports have surfaced that Nick will compete on The Bachelorette with Kaitlyn Bristowe. These reports claim that he entered the show a little later, but if that is the case, why is he hanging around in New York over the weekend? It is very possible that Kaitlyn didn’t want to anger some of her contestants and refused him access to the California mansion.

If Andi Dorfman is planning a return to The Bachelorette, she could be waiting a whole year before this happens. First, this current season will wrap and then producers often give a man the opportunity to find a wife. But it is possible that Elan approached her to star in Bachelors in Paradise. Even though Andi may not want a relationship, she could film it for the money.

What do you think about Andi Dorfman hanging around a Bachelor producer?

[Image via ABC]