WWE News: NXT Takeover Specials Will Now Take Place Every Month On WWE Network

NXT is arguably the best brand of professional wrestling in the world. While they compete with the likes of WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown, NXT is its own brand now. The NXT superstars do a great job of creating an atmosphere that eats, sleeps and breathes wrestling. Even some WWE fans prefer NXT shows to the main roster programs.

One bright spot of NXT are the Takeover specials. NXT has created memorable events such as NXT R Evolution and NXT Rival, which have made the WWE fans leaving wanting more, but in a good way. NXT is getting so much popularity that WWE is currently looking for venues to hold live shows. Plain and simple, WWE wants to compete with Ring of Honor.

To compete with Ring of Honor, NXT needs to continue with their excellent programming and NXT Takeover specials. Speaking of NXT Takeover specials, WWE just published a huge announcement that will change NXT for the foreseeable future. According to the press release, NXT Takeover specials will now be monthly.

NXT TAKEOVER – LIVE! – AIRS MONTHLY ON WEDNESDAYS The future is here. WWE’s hottest up-and-coming Superstars compete to prove they’ve got what it takes. More than just evolution, it’s a revolution! Witness these WWE Superstars of tomorrow as they take over WWE Network with live two-hour specials.”

Along with the announcement of NXT’s specials, there is plenty of new programming coming in the next several months on the WWE Network. Included in the press release are the new TV shows that WWE is going to be executing. While the WWE Network is slowly turning into its own TV network, the announcement on NXT is what everyone in the WWE Universe is talking about.

Here is one fan’s perspective on the announcement.

There is a chance he is right, but nobody will know that until a few months in to the new schedule. NXT Takeover specials are very special to the WWE Universe, especially with the intimate crowd at Full Sail University. Along with the notion that NXT will need to extend its programming to two hours, more NXT superstars will have to be utilized in the future for it to work properly.

The next NXT Takeover special is set to take place in April, but the exact date is to be determined. WWE is doing the right thing by giving the WWE Universe more NXT specials. Each show will be live, which is a great learning component for the NXT stars. Triple H was right when he said, “the future is now.”

[Image via wrestlingnewsreport.com]