December 18, 2017
Minnesota Boy Runs To School Barefoot In Pajamas, Says Step-Mom Threatening To Shoot Him

A Minnesota boy, 9, ran to school barefoot in his pajamas to flee his step-mom who was allegedly chasing him while yelling, "I'm going to kill you." The step-mom, Tashay Caprice Johnson, 24, ran into Dayton's Bluff Achievement Plus Elementary School after the boy arrived crying hysterically, according to the building principal.

The unidentified Minnesota boy told the police that step-mom Tashay Caprice Johnson punched him in his face, hit him with a belt, and then told him she was going to grab a gun and kill him. Johnson was arrested on a child abuse related charge called the malicious punishment of a child and on a charge that she was making "terroristic threats."

child abuse
Tashay Caprice Johnson

Minnesota police reports indicate that officers found injuries on the 9-year-old boy, which were consistent with the physical attack the child had described. The alleged child abuse victim reportedly sustained marks on his arm that appeared to be caused by a belt, scratches on the right side of his neck and near his left eye, as well as swelling on his head, according to 11Alive.

When law enforcement officers arrived at the boy's home to arrest step-mom Tashay Johnson, a baseball bat was also found. The Dayton's Bluff Achievement Plus Elementary School principal told police investigators that he physically blocked the Minnesota step-mom from coming inside the building until he could figure out what was wrong with the student clad in only pajamas and shoeless.

The alleged child abuse victim told the police that earlier that same day, his teacher had walked home with him so she could speak to his parents about behavior problems going on oat school. The boy said that once his teacher left, the step-mom told him he was going to get a "whooping."

Tashay Caprice Johnson had denied beating or threatening her step-son and told the police she does not know how he got belt marks on his arm. After the teacher left, Johnson said she spoke to the child's father and they decided to make the boy sit in the corner as punishment for his behavior at school. Instead of sitting in the corner, the boy ran out of the house, the Minnesota step-mom said.

The boy's father said after the arrest of his wife, "I whoop that kid but it doesn't do any good." Tashay Caprice Johnson reportedly faces up to $13,000 in fines for the child abuse and terroristic threats charges levied against her.