March 30, 2015
Elderly New York Couple's Home Raided By Cops Looking For A Meth Lab - They Found Quilting Supplies

An Owego, New York couple is terrified of the police after cops raided their home looking for a meth lab, only to find quilting supplies, The Free Thought Project is reporting.

The raid took place on February 11, but is only now gaining attention in the national media.

Cindy Dunlap says that on that fateful night, her husband, Steve, was on his way to a pizza place to hang out with some friends. She thought nothing of it until she got a phone call from one of her husband's friends, wondering why he hadn't shown up.

Fearing that her husband may have been in an accident, according to WNBF (Binghampton), Dunlap traced what would have been her husband's route. Eventually, she was pulled over by police.

Ms. Dunlap would eventually learn that her husband had been taken into custody - pulled from his car at gunpoint. Police escorted the elderly woman back to her home, saying they had a search warrant. At the home, Ms. Dunlap pleaded with the police not to use the battering ram she saw them preparing to use; fortunately, the police simply walked through the unlocked front door.

Less than 24 hours before police conducted the raid, a judge had signed search warrants allowing cops to search the elderly couple's home for methamphetamines, firearms, and crack cocaine.

Instead, they found needles (of the sewing variety), fabric, and quilting supplies.

The Free Thought Project writer Cassandra Fairbanks reports that police suspected the elderly couple's home was a drug house, due to several cars coming and going from the home.

"The house had been under surveillance the day of the search, and an officer had noted to Cindy that there had been a lot of visitors. When she asked him if he had noticed that they were all harmless looking "old ladies," the officer told her that they couldn't see the people as they could not find a parking spot close enough. When the search turned up only quilting supplies from her business of over 20 years and her small dachshund dog, the police left and freed Steven, allowing him to drive himself home."
The family says the incident has left them terrified of the very police they thought should be protecting them.
"If something goes wrong, who do you call?"
In fact, the elderly couple was afraid to even talk about their story at all, until friends encouraged them to go public and talk about it to a reporter.

As of this post, neither of the police departments involved in the raid on the elderly couple's home have apologized.

[Image courtesy of: Getty Images/Marco Di Lauro]