Jessica Alba Shares Spring Break Pics

Jessica Alba and her family took a jaunt to the Caribbean recently for spring break along with friends John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, and the actress shared some photographs on Instagram that are making those of us stuck in a perpetual winter jealous.

Alba and her husband, Cash Warren, brought their daughters Honor and Haven along on the trip, where Alba was photographed by paparazzi wearing a tiny white bikini. The vacation must have been a rare treat for Alba, who has said in the past that her acting roles are like a vacation compared to the work she does as owner of her own company.

“Acting is totally the easy job. It’s like vacation! It’s also something I have been doing for so long.
It’s difficult because you have to be open and vulnerable and in the moment. It’s hard for me to be in a mental state to do all of that sometimes, but it’s much more the creative side of the brain. That’s tough for a lot of people and it’s tough for me. I tend to be a control freak. So, I still get a lot out of it as a person. But there isn’t a hell of a lot of logic involved with acting. My day-to-day stress is running my business and knowing I am part of a bigger movement with my company,” Alba said.

Alba’s The Honest Company offers natural items for babies and children, something the actress is proud of and takes very seriously due to the number of employees and customers who depend on her. However, she says she sometimes wishes that there were more actors in her circle who understand what it’s like to run a business.

“I don’t know any other actors who have actual businesses. Lots of them have licensing deals–that’s a lot less work. But mine is a business business. I wish more people did so I would have more people to talk to about it. It’s so isolating.”

Alba made headlines late last year with some different vacation pics; in those, she was in Thailand with a friend, and was shown on Instagram in a bikini that showed off her slim frame. One news outlet called her appearance “skeletal”; however, Alba says she simply eats the way her children do.

“I have the same food philosophy for myself as I do for my kids. We eat mostly lean protein and fresh fruit and vegetables, nothing processed or from a box, if we can. For me, when I don’t eat a ton of carbs, I have more energy…I’ll for sure have a piece of chocolate. I will mow through a bowl of guacamole. If I’m not going to have dessert, I’ll have a martini,” Jessica Alba said.

[ Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]