Pregnant Meteorologist Gets Horrific Letters About Her Pregnancy [Video]

Pregnant meteorologist, Kristi Gordon received horrific letters about her body and clothes. This wasn't the first time the pregnant Canadian meteorologist was chastised by Global News viewers for her appearance.

In January, prior to this latest batch of letters criticizing Kristi's second on-air pregnancy, she asked viewers to try to be a little less critical about how she looks.

Kristi said, "Now that I've said that I'm pregnant, I would like people to not get upset with me about what I wear during my pregnancy."

Huffington Post B.C.'s story included some horrific comments made by viewers during the pregnant meteorologist's first pregnancy with her son.

Gordon explained.

"They would say, 'I can't believe you're wearing horizontal stripes. You look massive.' Or they would complain that I'm wearing high heels. Everything. I couldn't do anything right when it came to clothing."
As Kristi pointed to her belly, the pregnant meteorologist kindly asked the television audience to take it easy on her during her next pregnancy.
"So please be easy on me, it's not easy to find work clothes when your belly's out to there."
Unfortunately, either some viewers didn't see or hear Kristi Gordon's appeal, or they ignored her plea for a little kindness. Global News backed the pregnant meteorologist by allowing her to read excerpts from some of the nasty letters she recently received about how she looked during her second pregnancy.

The Stir reports recent derogatory comments made by Global News viewers about Kristi Gordon's appearance.

"Nowhere on North America TV have we seen a weather reader so gross as you."
Here's another comment by a member of the television audience.
"Your front end looks like the Hindenburg and your rear-end looks like a brick sh—house. We now turn off Global."
In fact, after Kristi read the previous comment, sports anchor Squire Barnes chimed in his thoughts of losing the Global News viewer.
"Well, you know what? Good."
Messages about the pregnant meteorologist continued.
"Buy some decent clothes and have some respect for your unborn child. You're not the first pregnant woman. OMG."
Senior Meteorologist on Global BC's "Early News," "Noon News." and "News Hour," Kristi Gordon holds two science degrees. She considers herself a positive and confident person.

However, the past and recent comments about the pregnant meteorologist have had an effect on her.

Huffington Post reports pregnant meteorologist, Kristi Gordon's on-air comments.

"Despite me thinking these guys are crazy, or me having all these rational thoughts about it — it's amazing, when you say something mean about someone, it still affects them. Even if you're joking about something, it sinks in at some level."
[Featured image via Huffington Post]