NeNe Leakes Goes In On RHOA Cast, You Won’t Believe The Things She Says

NeNe Leakes was pegged as the resident troublemaker of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and she was not happy about it. The furious reality TV star took to her blog and posted a heated response to the several blasts directed to her.

In her blog post, she sarcastically admitted to causing a rift between the cast.

“Since I am the one that has divided the cast, let me take full responsibility for Porsha and Kenya fighting at the reunion. I’m totally responsible for Porsha and Claudia not getting along at all this season. I must take full responsibility for Claudia and Kenya saying Porsha is dating a married African man.”

Leakes’ mockery didn’t end there. She continued with her satirical admission.

“Now you know I had everything to do with Cynthia and Porsha falling out! I can now say I had a hand in Cynthia saying Phaedra is cheating with Mr. Chocolate. Phaedra, Kenya and Apollo wouldn’t be having their problem if it wasn’t for me.”

However, she took a jab on one particular housewife who she claims is jealous of her. In the post, Leakes ranted about Kandi Burruss. Recently, Burruss and husband Todd Tucker have been experiencing the lack of intimacy in their marriage and Leakes made sure to rub this at Burruss’ face. With sarcasm, she wrote that she would also take the blame for Tucker not wanting to sleep with Burruss.

“P.S. Kandi, I always knew you didn’t like me but you truly showed me how hateful and jealous you are! You don’t have a real reason to be mad,” Leakes blasted.

This brash reaction was perhaps triggered by how open Burruss was with showing her dislike for her co-star in a recent episode of RHOA. The housewives decided to go on a group therapy session which Leakes walked out from.

Despite her absence, the rest of the housewives continued with the therapy and were able to mend some issues between them. After Kenya and Porsha called a truce, the women decided to make a video for Leakes which Burruss openly refused to be a part of.

Still, Leakes might not be the troublemaker that many claim her to be. Several reports say that Leakes is teaming up with Kim Zolciak-Biermann for a new reality show. The show will follow the two as they mend their friendship after all the drama.

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