Robin Williams’ Wife And Children Headed To Court In Estate Battle, Williams’ Trust Wishes May Be Thwarted

Robin Williams was known to love and have a visibly warm relationship with his children, Zachary, Zelda, and Cody. Robin’s three offspring are saying that his wife is “adding insult to a terrible injury” by trying to change the trust agreement and rob them of the belongings, including jewelry and memorabilia that he intended for them to have, according to Billboard.

However, according to the attorney of Williams’ wife Susan, she is not attempting to thwart his wishes. Instead, her attorney stated that she is merely seeking guidance from the court regarding the specific meaning of certain terms in the trust.

But the gloves are apparently off, and Susan is seeking to have the court exclude from the childrens’ trust the contents of the home she shared with Robin in the San Francisco Bay area. Susan’s reasoning is that because Robin wanted her to remain in that home, she should inherit its contents and that Robin Williams thus intended his kids to have only items from another home he owned in Napa.

His children and Susan Williams are also fighting over who has the right to certain items in storage and certain memorabilia. Susan also claims that his children already removed certain personal items without her permission, according to CBS News.

Williams’ trust granted his children his memorabilia and awards in the entertainment industry including additional specific personal items, according to court documents, as stated by the Associated Press.

The fight may be decided by his trustees, Arnold Kassoy and Joel Faden, who insist that the trust he left for his children is clear, stating the following, according to the LA Times.

“Susan’s contention of ambiguity is entirely irrelevant because the trust is clear and unambiguous about who has the ‘final and absolute’ authority to determine the disposition of the tangible personal property: that power is vested in the trustees.”

The trustees have indicated that they finalized their decisions regarding who is entitled to Robin Williams’ personal property and have made those decisions clear to the intended beneficiaries. According to court documents, the court needs to determine a transfer date for the rightful heirs to receive the property. The trustees are asking that Susan’s petition to the court be dismissed as being moot.

Robin Williams’ death on August 11, 2014 was ruled a suicide by the coroner from asphyxia caused by hanging at his home in Tiburon, north of San Francisco. Susan indicated to the press that Robin suffered from depression and anxiety, and he struggled with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.

Robin’s daughter recently opened up about what she thought the legacy was of her multi-talented father, and she responded that he made people feel “less alone,” according to an article from the Inquisitr.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]