Zayn Malik’s Solo Career With Simon Cowell May Not Be As Profitable

When Zayn Malik decided to leave One Direction, his next move turned out to be the one closest to him — in the form of Simon Cowell. But is Zayn Malik as a solo artist as profitable as his One Direction days?

Zayn Malik has been making fans wait on his decision about what he will do next with his music career, and the answer has arrived. Less than one week after he left One Direction, Zayn Malik announced that he will be signing a recording artist contract with none other than the man that made him a star — Simon Cowell.

The story is still developing, but it is bound to be much bigger than the current rumors going around that Zayn Malik is cheating on Perrie Edwards with a Swedish model.

According to the New York Daily News, “One Direction is signed with Cowell’s label Syco Music, and the former American Idol judge reportedly allowed Malik to get out of his contract with the band on the condition that his solo material also be released on Syco.”

The article goes on to claim that their original source was a print-only edition of The Sun U.K. and that Zayn Malik is going to be releasing the solo album in 2016. An insider told The Sun U.K. that Simon Cowell would be in complete control and able to ensure that the album is released at a time that it did not conflict with a One Direction release.

However, now that we know that this is official, it is clear, looking back, that this was happening all along — but does it truly financially benefit Simon Cowell or Zayn Malik to have Zayn Malik leave the group?

When rumors that Zayn Malik would quit One Direction first emerged, Simon Cowell was the one saying that they should do solo projects and still stay together as a band.

As the label that One Direction has signed a contract with, Simon Cowell knows what is most profitable — and having the band stay together was his first choice.

Fast forward to a month later and Zayn Malik is quitting the tour — and rumors are spreading that he is going to quit One Direction.

In the days before Zayn Malik left One Direction, the media states that he was talking to lawyers. The Daily Star U.K. said on March 22 that a source close to them stated, “His legal team is seeing what the situation is. There is a strong chance he will have to fulfill his commitments and he might change his mind once he’s had time away from the spotlight. [sic]”

In the days after announcing he was quitting One Direction, Zayn Malik’s lawyers were figuring out what to do about his contract. It was at this time that the Mirror U.K. stated on March 26, “But even though he’s no longer part of the band, he’s unable to pursue other solo music projects with another label.” They also quoted an insider source that said, “Zayn is signed to Syco so [he] can’t sign anywhere else.”

Was Zayn Malik quitting One Direction to go solo a profitable or unprofitable plan for Simon Cowell? That is unclear. Will Zayn Malik quitting One Direction be more profitable for Zayn Malik? An expert from Forbes Magazine does not seem to think so.

E Online interviewed Zack O’Malley Greenburg from Forbes Magazine on March 26 and Greenburg stated, “Zayn Malik isn’t just walking away from his One Direction bandmates; he’s also leaving a multimillion-dollar payday behind…. Could [Malik] do a fifth of the business on his own that One Direction is doing? I don’t know… [sic]”

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