Kandi Burruss To Do Spin-Off Show With Todd Tucker? Couple’s Sex Life Goes Downhill

Is the controversial couple hiding something up their sleeve? Reports say that they are. In recent reports, Real Housewives star Kandi Burruss and husband Todd Tucker are said to have quietly signed a deal for a Bravo spin-off entitled Meet the Tuckers.

Burruss added more fuel to the fire when she uploaded an intriguing selfie on her Instagram account. In the picture, she flaunted her newly-set hair and makeup with the caption, “Interview day for another show!” Could she be referring to their new spin-off?

Whether the rumors are true or not, their spin-off will surely be an “action-packed” show. Reports say that the spin-off will follow the Tuckers as they deal with the pressures of building their own production company, but what’s even more interesting is that the show will also follow them as they handle their family drama which, based on recent events, has been filled with a lot of controversy.

Just a few weeks back, a frustrated Burruss broke down on television as she faced her marital fears. In an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Burruss and Tucker underwent marriage counselling to remedy their marital problems, particularly the lack of intimacy between them. During the session, Burruss revealed fears of her husband’s cheating.

“The sex life done went downhill. I don’t know what happened. For a second, I was like ‘Are you cheating out there in LA? Like what is going on?” Burruss disclosed to their counselor.

Unfortunately, the drama didn’t end there for her. The couple also attempted to trace the root of all the tension, and according to Tucker, it was the prenup that created a drastic change in their relationship. He said that the legal agreement Burruss proposed made him feel like she didn’t trust him enough.

“I think there was a lot of change with the prenup,” he told their counselor. “It was just how it was dealt with. It was real dry. It was like she had no feelings. It wasn’t like, ‘I want to marry you, let’s talk this out, let’s figure it out.’”

When asked if he had already lost interest in his wife, Tucker denied it, but he didn’t deny Burruss’ accusations either.

With all the drama surrounding the two, many are already eager to watch the juicy spin-off. However, Bravo has not released any official statement confirming the reports.

[Image via Getty Images]