‘An Explosion Of Flavor’: Mexican People Try Taco Bell For The First Time, See What They Liked [Video]

BuzzFeed recently sat down with some Mexican people who had never tried Taco Bell and filmed them eating some of the fast food chain’s most popular items for the first time. Check out which items they liked and which they thought were just downright odd.

In the video, you can watch as numerous Mexican people try some of Taco Bell’s Americanized “Mexican” food offerings. Before the tasting starts, they are asked what they think the food will taste like. The answers range from “I don’t think I will like it” to thinking that it will have “a homemade taste.” So did the food disappoint or impress the authentic Mexican food lovers?

The first item the testers tried was the Fresco Steak Taco. It was noted that a “taco typically isn’t in a flour tortilla” and that it didn’t look very appetizing. However, reviews were mixed on this item. One lady points out that though it is an “Americanized version,” it has good flavor while another says she is “not amused.”

When trying out some Taco Bell burritos, everyone seemed confused as to why there was so much cheese and what was with the rice being white? The hard-shell taco made of Doritos seemed was too salty for some and was “nothing like a taco.” The sour cream seemed to confuse two of the younger tasters, who thought it tasted more like mayonnaise. However, one male in the group questioned why Taco Bell was altering their traditional food so much.

“Why are you making our food into this?”

There was one item that seemed to please all the palates, which was the Beefy Fritos Burrito. Everyone says it added a lot of flavor to the dish with one lady exclaiming, “It’s an explosion of flavor!”

I wonder what the taste testers would think about the new Cap ‘N Crunch donuts being offered at the “Mexican-style” fast food establishment?

Do you prefer authentic or “Americanized” Mexican food?