March 29, 2015
NYC Cops Ticket Teens For Jaywalking As They Lay In Hospital On Stretchers After Being Hit By Car

Two teens received a visit from a NYC police officer while they lay on hospital stretchers being treated for wounds sustained after being hit by a car. However, the officer wasn't there to check on the teens' well-being. Instead, he was there to give them a citation for jaywalking. The 16-year-old girls were hit by a vehicle while attempting to cross the street mid-block. Both girls sustained numerous injuries, but witnesses say the girls were not using a proper crosswalk. Therefore, as party of Mayor de Blasio's "jaywalking crackdown," the officer said he had no choice but to hand-deliver the tickets to the injured teens in the hospital.

The Daily Mail reports that Beanca Moise and Jo-Anna Thiboutot were struck by a vehicle in Brooklyn when they attempted to cross a street mid-block. The 16-year-old girls were not using a crosswalk when the incident occurred. However, both girls sustained injuries and were quickly rushed to the Kings County Hospital Center for treatment. After being taken from the scene of the accident to the hospital, the girls were not only greeted by doctors tending to their injuries, which included abrasions, broken bones, and bruising, they were also met by a police officer. The officers proceeded to hand the girls citations for jaywalking which resulted in the accident.

Moise told the New York Post that the incident was "insulting" because the officers didn't even approach them to see if they were okay. They were simply there to give the citation and leave.

"It was very insulting. I got hit by a car, and they came to the hospital not even checking if I was okay, and just gave us the ticket."
Beanca's father says that the tickets were "stupid" and he doesn't understand ticketing a teen who was already injured by her actions. However, the police officers informed him that they were required to cite the girls due to the mayor's "zero tolerance" policing regarding jaywalking.
"There were doctors all over her, giving her IVs and this and that. I was very upset. I told him it was stupid and I didn't understand. He told me, 'That's Mayor de Blasio's no-tolerance policy.' "
The "no-tolerance policy" the officers referred to was Mayor de Blasio's Vision Zero. Vision Zero was a policy put into place as a means to crack down on reckless drivers and pedestrians acting dangerously. Part of that policy includes citing jaywalkers. However, Mayor de Blasio's spokesman says that there is no such thing as a "zero tolerance" policy. Instead, he says that each police precinct comes up with their own rules.

What do you think about the jaywalking citation? Did the teen girls receive punishment enough when they were hit by the moving vehicle, or was the jaywalking citation warranted?

[Image Credit: Getty Images/ Andrew Burton]