Eddie Murphy’s Girlfriend And Daughters Show Off Bangin’ Bikini Bodies On Maui Vacay

Summer is hotter than ever in Maui, as the Murphy girls grace the beach with their sizzling hot bodies.

Beach snaps of Eddie Murphy’s girlfriend, Paige Butcher, and his two daughters, Bria and Shayne, have been circulating around the internet and many think that Murphy is one lucky guy! The Murphy clan were in Maui for their annual summer holiday but the actor was nowhere around. Instead, he left his children in the hands of perhaps the sexiest baby sitter this summer.

In the photos, Butcher initially wore a skimpy red bikini that showed off her athletic body. Wearing aviator shades to match her revealing get up, the actress confidently flaunted her curves with a smile. For a 35-year-old, she surely looked toned and sexy.

Eddie Murphy’s girlfriend Paige Butcher hits the beach with his daughter Bria http://t.co/d7H2E81j0b pic.twitter.com/Nu10Xs9JKK — Celebs Street (@CelebsSt) March 27, 2015

Later, Butcher went for an outfit change and was photographed wearing a purple two piece. The second outfit was a little more conservative than the red one, but still did her body justice. Off the beach, she wore a matching purple high waist skirt with the bikini’s bustier-style top, pulling off quite a fashionable look.

Butcher didn’t get all the attention, though. Many eyes were also on Murphy’s daughters, 25-year-old Bria and 20-year-old Shayne. After giving netizens a teaser on social media, they continued flaunting their sexy booties in Maui.

Murphy’s eldest daughter Bria sported a white crochet swimsuit and glammed up her outfit with gold accessories. Meanwhile, her younger sister Shayne wore a blue crossover one-piece that also accentuated her curves. Unlike her older sister who went for the elegant look, Shayne’s had a casual feel as she topped her outfit with a New York Yankees cap and oversized hoop earrings.

Together with the girls was the rest of the big Murphy family, including their brother, 22-year-old Myles. The whole gang was photographed together having a blast and it seemed like Butcher had already gotten comfortable with the rest of Murphy’s clan. The two first met when they worked together for the filming of Big Momma’s House 2. Rumors then began to circulate that a relationship was brewing between the two but the actress denied it on Twitter saying, “We have never dated … he has just been a dear friend for many years.”

Later, in 2012, Murphy and Butcher came out with their relationship. Since then, they have kept their relationship matters from the media, and Butcher even deleted all her social media accounts to keep their privacy.

[Main image via bria_murphy Instagram]