Police Taser 25-Year-Old Alex Martin In Car, Set Him On Fire, And Kill Him [Video]

There is a disturbing video that has been released online, showing the death of 25-year-old Alex Martin after border patrol tasered his car and allegedly set it afire. Martin was being chased by the border control police in a high-speed hunt prior to being killed when his car was unexpectedly set into a raging shock of flames.

The police deployed ECD, the catalyst that caused the explosion, reports NBC San Diego -- a publication that explains how Alex was stopped by the agents dressed in plain clothing, also traveling in unmarked cars. When they made attempts to stop Martin's vehicle because he was allegedly driving on the wrong side of the highway, tragedy occurred. The dash cam video is from March, 2012, and it shows that the police appeared stunned as the sparks ignited after they broke the car's passenger side window and set off a taser. One officer leaned away quickly as glass broke and flames ignited after the taser was deployed.

Martin traveled over spike strips intending to stop his car as it went down the wrong side of the highway. However, the family of Alex has filed a lawsuit, claiming Martin's death was caused after their son didn't stop for the police because he didn't know they were cops. Alex had been driving for nearly an entire day -- 22 hours -- says lawyer Gene Iredale, when he got lost on the route from Texas to Pine Valley, California.

The lawsuit also alleges that after Martin's car was set on fire by the Border Patrol agents -- who can be seen banging on the car's window after trying to open Alex's car -- none of the cops attempted to douse the flames and save Martin's life.

"All three of those cars had large fire extinguishers in them and standard equipment. Not one of these agents ever even tried to spray any of the fire extinguisher solution on that car."

As reported by WSB Atlanta, police say the car explosion could've been caused by something else flammable in Martin's car. The cops also point to a previous 2011 incident report that shows Alex evaded the police and engaged in a different evasion attempt after being stopped for driving under the influence. After that event, police state that they found a handgun in his possession and say that Martin was stumbling around as if under the influence of alcohol.

As reported by the Inquisitr, drunk driving recently caused several children to jump out of their mother's car when her dangerous behavior frightened them.

[Image via NBC San Diego]