Debby Ryan Debuts Lavender Hairdo, Looks Totally Different

Debby Ryan decided to freshen up her look for spring by dying her hair the color of Easter eggs and wildflowers. If Fashion Police were still on the air, Kelly Osbourne would definitely be having a “b***h stole my look” moment.

Debby Ryan is best-known for playing a cute redhead on the Disney Channel series Jessie, but she recently experimented with a platinum blonde look. However, it looks like she wasn’t satisfied with her colorless locks — the adorable actress recently shared the Instagram photo below that shows her hair getting a bright purple paint job. She captioned the picture, “lol oops.”

Perhaps Debby decided to dye her hair purple instead of going back to red because she didn’t want it match the orange carpet at the Kids’ Choice Awards. According to Hollywood Life, it looks like Debby changed her hair color for the event. She chose to pair her new hair with a flashy, multi-colored floral print dress and blue pastel Stuart Weitzman pumps.

Debby Ryan’s hair looks even better from the back. The Disney princess showed off her princess ‘do in an Instagram snap that will definitely give her fans a bad case of hair envy. As you can see, she’s rocking a gorgeous winding braid, and her hair is a very light lavender shade — it’s not nearly as bright as purple dye in the photo above.

On her tumblr page, Ryan shared another photo that gives fans a closer view of her new hue. It almost looks a bit gray in the picture below.

Debby’s fans are probably happy to see that the 21-year-old Disney star looks so carefree and cheery after the shocking admission that she made earlier this month. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Debby revealed that she was physically and emotionally abused by an unidentified man.

During a recent interview with MTV News, Debby Ryan said that her abuser was a friend, not an ex-boyfriend.

“It was a working relationship as well as a good friendship with a person I had known for several years,” Debby revealed.

Even though she wasn’t romantically involved with the man in question, he tried to insinuate himself into her life to a very unhealthy degree.

“He had insecurity, a need for control — a manipulation. He tried to get involved in every aspect of my public life, my personal life, my friendship, my family, my work life. Ultimately I realized there was something wrong in this situation. As our relationship continued he would cry, threaten to commit suicide, and it started to become physical – he would grab me, pulling me back into rooms if I tried to leave.”

Luckily, Debby Ryan finally realized that she needed to escape this toxic relationship. Now she’s advising others to analyze all of their relationships to make sure that they’re not spending time with anyone who is having a negative effect on their well-being.

“If you start to dread hanging out with someone, that’s a sign this might not be a happy or healthy relationship,” Debby said. “Fight for yourself.”

It looks like Debby Ryan has a fresh outlook on life to match her fresh new hairstyle.

[Image credits: Debby Ryan, Jason Kempin/Getty]