March 29, 2015
Outrage After Photos Of Women Taking Selfies Outside East Village Explosion Site Go Viral

Taking selfies is considered a normal thing nowadays. Usually seen as a sign of happiness and as one of the many newer ways of sharing every aspect of our lives, no one blinks an eyelid when they see a group of happy people taking a group selfie. A recent picture that went viral on the Internet also shows, on first glance, what seems to be a normal group of happy women taking a selfie. However, as a New York Post report confirms, this ubiquitous looking selfie was captured right outside blast site of the NYC East Village tragedy.

According to Mashable, the group of smiling women were captured taking a selfie by a photographer who was just passing by the area. He was shocked to see the women giggle and smile even as the site of the explosion and the subsequent building collapse continued to smolder. The women, who remain unidentified, are seen smiling as they use a selfie stick to capture a picture of the them in the area. The photograph was captured a little more than 24 hours after the East Village explosion that destroyed three buildings in the area and injured 22 people. The Inquisitr earlier today also reported about two bodies being recovered from the site, taking the death toll in the tragedy to two.

The tasteless photo eventually made it to a blog and, within hours, was shared thousands of times by outraged people. The New York Post also carried a headline calling the group of women, "Village Idiots."

Selfie outside East Village Explosion site

The photo received strong reactions from people across the U.S., with several people terming it "absolutely disgusting." Then there were others who thought that the photo represented all that is wrong with New York today.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, we came across another post by Gothamist which showed the screenshot of a woman posing for a photo -- all smiles, right in front of the site of the tragedy. The woman was flashing a smile and was sporting the famed "peace" sign. The Instagram post was subsequently deleted. But as you would notice, the woman who posted did get several comments on that post, lampooning her for doing what she did.

What do you think goes through the minds of people who end up taking tasteless photos like this and then have the audacity to put them on the Internet? And this by the way, has not happened for the first time. The Inquisitr, in the past, has reported about several other inappropriate selfie tragedies. In fact, there is a Tumblr blog dedicated to this kind of behavior -- its called "Selfies at Serious Places."

[Images via NY Post, Gothamist]