Serena Williams Is Beyoncé In ‘7/11’ On The Tennis Court, Gets 2.6M Views [Video]

The most recent time folks heard any buzz about Serena Williams was during the trial of the so-called “Black Madam,” a woman who claims she gave Amber Rose silicone butt injections. The Madam also mentioned the names of Nicki Minaj and Serena during her testimony, as reported by the Inquisitr. However, those aren’t the only headlines about Williams buzzing online.

No, this time it’s Serena’s version of “7/11” that’s been dubbed a Grand Slam by Vogue on their YouTube channel, which shows Williams’ rendition of Beyoncé’s popular song getting 2,640,085 views as of this writing. Published on March 25, the fun video has taken off like wildfire since it was uploaded, and is replete with scenes of Serena looking strong and fit and fabulous in her tennis outfit as she smacks tennis balls in the air with her tennis racket.

Just like in Beyoncé’s video, Serena also moves indoors to a luxury hotel-styled hallway, as she continues to play around and dance. At one point in the video, Serena pauses her dancing in order to greet an elderly man passing by her — and takes the opportunity to act more reserved as she nods her head at the older man as he shuffles by. The video description of the viral video explains exactly where Williams films the follow-up cover video.

“Our April cover star Serena Williams pulled a Beyoncé at the BallenIsles Country Club, practicing power shots and Bey-worthy dance moves to ‘7/11.’ Watch her GoPro video for some pointers.”

The campy dance video isn’t the only news about Serena making tongues wag. Williams also conquered a 15-year-old at the Miami Open, reports Yahoo! Sports. The ace that occurred late in the Sunday match caused CiCi Bellis to call her loss to one of the famed Williams’ sisters a good experience, reports SF Gate.

The victory not only woke up the normally subdued tennis watching crowd, but also caused sports experts to proclaim that Serena’s knee injury something that is no longer standing in her way, says the Daily Mail. Although Serena’s ebullient feelings caused her to want to join in on the applause that the crowd suddenly burst into, she didn’t because she had second thoughts about celebrating against such a young person from the same country.

“It wasn’t like, ‘Oh, I’m so happy to win this match.’ It was tough. She’s young and her being an American, you want to see people like her do well.”

[Image via YouTube]