Calvin Harris: Reasons Why The Media Thinks He Should Date Taylor Swift

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift haven’t yet confirmed their relationship, but they don’t need to. The new hot couple has been spotted holding hands in Nashville, including Whole Foods supermarket, and was recently spotted getting cozy at a Kenny Chesney concert. There are photos showing that Calvin and Taylor are dating, and the media is enjoying seeing it played out. Some news sites have even given reasons why the two should date.

E! Online thinks that Harris should date Swift since they already share the same group of friends. They already have mutual friends like Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding, and HAIM. In fact, it’s been rumored that Harris met Swift through the girl group. The news site thinks that their group of friends will already feel comfortable with hanging out with them, even if they happen to be a romantic couple.

The celebrity gossip site thinks that Taylor and Calvin would make the perfect couple since they’re used to having very public breakups. It’s no surprise to fans that Taylor Swift has been through her share of failed and public relationships. It’s something that Calvin understands, since he went through a very public breakup with Rita Ora, who allegedly cheated on him. The producer even slammed her on social media and scrapped her upcoming album. Ouch. Taylor’s got that covered, since she’s known to slam her exes through her songs.

Let’s not forget that Swift and Harris dominate the pop charts. Calvin Harris was named as Forbes’ No. 1 highest-paid DJ of 2014. Taylor Swift’s latest album, 1989, quickly took over the pop charts when it was released.

Us Weekly wrote a list of why Taylor should date Calvin. The source noted that he’s a huge animal lover, much like Taylor herself. Calvin is often seen Instagramming his moments at the zoo and showing his appreciation for all kinds of animals. The news site also talked a lot about Calvin’s looks, saying that he looks good shirtless, he cooks shirtless, and that he’s tall.

The Daily Dish on USA Today gave four reasons as to why Taylor and Calvin would make the perfect match.

  1. Taylor and Calvin can talk about music all day and never get bored about it.
  2. There’s an appropriate age difference between the two. Taylor is 25, while Calvin is 31-years-old.
  3. Calvin won’t have to compete with Taylor for the limelight. The news site noted that he’s an internationally known DJ.
  4. The rumored new couple already enjoy wearing matching outfits, as seen during their recent trip to Whole Foods.

Not everybody is a fan about Swift and Harris dating. The Inquisitr previously reported that Harris’ ex-girlfriend, Rita Ora, wants to wish the couple “the worst.” Some of Taylor Swift’s fans have even been arguing about their rumored romance on social media.

What are your thoughts on Calvin Harris dating Taylor Swift? Do you think they would make a good couple?

[Images: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for GQ and Ian Gavan/Getty Images]