Kate Middleton Convinced She’s Having A Baby Girl, Due Date Allegedly Revealed

Kate Middleton has allegedly told her friends that she’s convinced she is having a baby girl.

The Daily Mail reported that the Duchess Of Cambridge has been telling her pals that she is certain she will have a girl, and it’s all because she is addicted to eating sweets.

According to superstition, if a pregnant woman craves biscuits and chocolates, then she is going to have a daughter. The 33-year-old now believes that this is the case for her too.

A source told the publication, “Prince Williams has always had a sweet tooth, but Kate has really had sweet cravings during this pregnancy.”

The insider admitted that Middleton’s issues with morning sickness at the start of her pregnancy meant that she struggled to keep any food down in the first few months, before adding, “but recently she just cannot get enough of naughty treats.”

Both Middleton and William are also addicted to the Humble Pie bakery near their home in Amner Hall, and they regularly make the 40-minute drive to buy sweets and cakes.

The insider even added that she has become quite addicted to baking at home too, explaining, “She has become a domestic goddess. She loves baking with George.”

The Duchess of Cambridge is due to give birth to her second child at some point next month. The press and media don’t have a confirmed due date for Kate. However the Daily Mail, via OK Magazine, have now teased that it is on April 25.

Sources told the aforementioned website that Kate informed people at the Stephen Lawrence Centre she visited alongside Prince William a few days ago that her baby is due in mid to late April.

Earlier this week, the Inquisitr reported that the Succession to the Crown Act had been amended so that if Duchess Kate’s second child is a girl, she won’t be superseded to the throne by a younger brother.

After this law was passed, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg stated that he was proud that the step had been taken.

“I am proud the British Parliament has taken this step to end centuries of religious and gender discrimination,” Clegg declared. “The government will soon introduce the Succession to the Crown Bill, which will make old fashioned rules fit for the 21st century.”

Whatever the sex, the impending child will be Kate Middleton and Prince William’s second. Prince George was born 20 months ago on July 22, 2013.

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