'American Horror Story: Hotel' Guest List And Plot Leaks -- And A Teaser [Video]

Edward VKanty

American Horror Story is returning to its fifth season with a return to basics of sorts. As opposed to Seasons 3 and 4, the fifth AHS installment will focus on a place instead of a group of people. Fans of American Horror Story: Murder House and AHS: Asylum will probably like the general theme better.

As far as the stars go, we do know that Lady Gaga was among the first to be cast in American Horror Story: Hotel and, with Jessica Lange retiring from the AHS anthology series, it's presumed at this point that Lady Gaga has stepped up to take on the role of leading lady.

Yes, to the dismay of a vast majority of American Horror Story fans, Jessica Lange has left the show. Although this is old news to most AHS fans, here's a recap of her official statement.

"We've had a great run here. I have absolutely loved doing these four characters that I've had the opportunity to play... but yes, I'm done."

Jessica Lange photo courtesy of Joe Scarnici/Getty Images Entertainment; Lady Gaga photo courtesy of Ethan Miller/Getty Images News

Also added to the AHS: Hotel cast are Matt Bomer (The Normal Heart, Freak Show) and Cheyenne Jackson (Glee).

On to the plot.

The internet has recently been buzzing with theories about the plot of the upcoming American Horror Story: Hotel, with two particular theories gaining more attention than any others.

First comes a plot concept purportedly repeated from a reliable FX insider, which has since been reposted on this Tumblr post. This AHS: Hotel theory casts Lady Gaga as an eccentric yet aristocratic heiress fighting the hotel's tragic past, as she tries to make a success of the business. Gaga's character eventually becomes corrupted by the hotel's unsavory guests, which includes satanic cultists, corrupt politicians, and members of secret organizations, and she allows them to conduct their rituals and other dark practices, as long as they pay a higher price.

The theory also suggests that Jessica Lange will return in the first and final episodes of American Horror Story: Hotel, but, as she has been plain in her intention not to return, this plot may be just rumor after all.

The second theory has American Horror Story: Hotel using the Eagles classic rock song "Hotel California" as the source material, which, in itself, is an intriguing concept.

"Years ago, a group of Evangelicals wrote an article claiming that the song was about Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan," a reddit user wrote. "According to them, Anton bought a hotel in San Francisco and later converted it into a Church of Satan."

Little has been said to confirm or deny either theory, and it's apparent that American Horror Story fans will have to wait longer for any official word to come from Ryan Murphy, who is the only man able to give that official word, as FX Networks chief executive John Landgraf reminded the public.

"I know what [the premise for Season 5] is, but I can't [say]. I have to let [series boss] Ryan [Murphy] do his thing on that. But it's very different."
"I am so excited to be a part of American Horror Story's hardworking cast. A twisted fantasy. My favorite kind."

Apparently that Top Hat theory was unfounded. Perhaps it will re-emerge for Season 6.

American Horror Story: Hotel will debut in October on FX.