Triple H Vs. Sting The Type Of Dream Matchup WWE Should Keep Booking

Will Triple H have his hands full tonight at WrestleMania 31? The legendary WWE superstar sets up to face former WCW and TNA icon Sting in a dream match for the ages.

This match is yet another dream match featuring wrestling’s biggest names of the not-so-distant past. Fans of the WWE and WCW should remember the Monday night wars which the domination for television ratings alternated between both companies. For the WWE, Triple H and Degeneration X held things down, while over at WCW, Sting was the chief architect behind the demise of the N.W.O. (New World Order).

After WCW folded in 2001, the WWE’s chairman Vince McMahon acquired all of the rights and likeness of its long time foe. During which time several superstars including Booker T, Diamond Dallas Page and Ric Flair joined the WWE once their contracts were purchased. And while other wrestlers went to different promotions, the one person who refused was Sting.

To watch him compete tonight inside of a WWE ring will be one odd sight, especially after it was rumored that he vowed to never participate in a match for his rival company. After so many years passed, perhaps the opportunity to take on the face of his primary competition during the late ’90s was too good to refuse.

Tonight’s match between Triple H and Sting should have happened over a decade ago. Both of them have seen better days as they are past their primes. Triple H is 46-years-old and Sting is 10 years his senior at 56. It does not matter how great of shape they could be in, the lumps, bumps and bruises they will take on will take a long time to heal. With that, dream matches must continue to be booked by the WWE creative team.

I am not the only who seems to agree with this notion. Bleacher Report WWE featured columnist, The Doctor Chris Mueller concurs.

If Triple H and Sting put on a helluva performance, fans are going to want a sequel to this potentially epic battle. According to, Sting’s contract only has him slated for a meager six appearances. With both Sting and the WWE management team working together on an agreement for more dates, Sting inside of a WWE arena to wrestle will turn into more than a one-night only event.

Triple H, even at his current age, is still a solid in-ring performer, he will be able to coax Sting into putting on a good show.

The dream matchup between triple H and Sting final takes place in reality, not just on the video game or in one of the several simulations that are available for viewing. The WWE needs to put these types of matches together more often. Triple H and Sting could serve as a great start.