Parole Officer Fired After Rape Of Parolee Caught On Tape

A 50-year-old parole officer in Florida is being accused of rape after physical and video evidence showed him forcing himself onto a woman during a house visit.

Zachary Thomas Bailey had been an officer with the Department of Corrections since 1989. Not only did he have a clean record, but according to the Sun Sentinel, he received a number of congratulations for “outstanding efforts” and volunteer work.

However, Bailey was fired after it was revealed that he allegedly abused his authority as an officer during two visits to a parolee’s home, saying he needed to conduct a “study.”

The unnamed woman said that during the officer’s first visit, he put his hands down the front of her pants and prevented her from leaving her bedroom. During the second visit, Bailey asked for a massage. He then took off his clothes, put on a condom, pushed his victim onto the bed, and raped her.

But the rape was not recorded on a security camera or by chance. The woman filmed the visit with her cell phone because she was scared that police would not believe her if she came forward to accuse him of his abuse — or that Bailey would write a parole violation against her if she tried.

In the video, the woman is heard telling Bailey, “This is rape. This is rape. I don’t want you to do this.”

Bailey then reportedly got up, took off the condom and tossed it on the floor, then left. The condom is now being used as evidence alongside the video footage and photos.

The victim also says that her daughter was home and in the next room during both of the officer’s visits.

The woman’s fear was understandable. In many instances, officers have used their authority to pressure women for sex. In one case, Washington, D.C., officer Darrell Best was accused of sexually assaulting two different girls, and in another, Darby Township officer Christopher Howard Scott held women against their will in his patrol car, refusing to let them go unless they provided sexual favors. What’s worse, Scott was acquitted of four counts of stalking and kidnapping.

Coral Springs Police Lt. Joe McCue says that police are now considering the possibility that there may have been more victims, and is asking any other victims or people with more information to come forward.

“At this time, we’re really uncertain if there’s additional victims out there or not. However, if there is additional victims, you need to go to the authorities. Don’t be afraid your probation is gonna be violated. It’s very important that you come forward.”

Bailey spent 12 hours behind bars, then was released on a $15,000 bond. He currently faces two counts of sexual battery for his rape of the woman, but that may change if more victims come forward.