Chris Brown’s Manager Tina Davis said to be the other woman

After news broke about Chris Brown beating girlfriend Rihanna, rumors surfaced that the fight was caused by Brown receiving a “booty call” from another woman.

A range of people were suspected, including Keisha Chante and even Paris Hilton, but all denied the reports. But as we reported March 5, police documents confirmed the other woman theory, saying that the fight started when Rihanna “observed a three page text message from a woman Brown had a previous relationship with.”

Given Brown’s youth, there’s not a lot of people who would fit that description, and now word has it that the “other woman” was Brown’s manager Tina Davis.

40 year old Tina Davis is a long time music executive who previously worked for Def Jam Records. Striking out for herself, she discovered the then 15 year old unsigned Brown and landed him a deal with Jive Records.

Rumors about the nature of Brown and Tina Davis’ relationship first surfaced in late 2007, including reports that Brown and Davis had started their affair when Brown was still 16. Both denied the reports publicly at the time.