Noah Galloway Of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Is ‘Mankind Ultimate’ In New Ad Campaign As He Preps For Week Three

Noah Galloway enters living rooms every Monday night as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. Paired with professional partner Sharna Burgess, he has been one of the most memorable dancers of this year’s crop of celebrities.

Galloway gained public attention back in November, 2014, when he graced the cover of Men’s Health as “The Ultimate ‘Men’s Health’ Guy.” The contest was presented in association with a men’s fragrance from Kenneth Cole. A few months later, ads featuring Galloway have been released. notes that Galloway was one of 1,300 people considered in the competition that looked for someone “physically fit, confident, stylish, career-driven and a pillar of his community.” Galloway is a veteran who recovered from the partial loss of two limbs while on active duty.

On last Monday’s Dancing With the Stars, Noah was surprised by his girlfriend, Jamie Boyd, who came on-set to congratulate him after his dance. Jamie was still in the midst of basic training and needed to get some special help to get to the Dancing With the Stars ballroom.

Galloway told People how his girlfriend’s appearance affected him.

“It was a huge surprise – probably the best surprise I’ve ever had.”

Boyd also had to reign in her emotions before surprising Noah.

“I was brought to tears and they were giving me Kleenex back and forth, so I was like, ‘Pull it together because I have to go out there.'”

Galloway took to social media to congratulate Boyd as she completed her training only a few days later.

Sharna and Noah got a score of 27/40 on Monday night, increasing their score by a point from the season debut. In an after-show interview with After Buzz TV, that Noah and Sharna both tweeted, the couple revealed their next dance will be even more challenging. According to Burgess, Galloway will use a prosthetic arm for the first time on the show. They will perform an Argentine Tango for the show’s Latin Night.

Dancing With the Stars airs Monday on ABC.

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]