'Destiny' Player With Cerebral Palsy Beats Crota While Using His Foot

Scott Grill

Destiny players have shown an impressive array of the various ways they've defeated the "Crota's End." Some have soloed it only with shotguns or No Land Beyond, while other PlayStation and Xbox owners have found ways to defeat Crota even faster. It may be hard to beat the smile of this boy with cerebral palsy who defeated the raid boss using his foot.

YouTube user Brian McDonough posted the video of his friend, Derek (lx_Tks_xl), playing as a Hunter in the final stage of "Crota's End" (via reddit). You can see him use a regular controller while using his foot to move his Guadian as well as his index fingers to aim and shoot.

The fact that he does this as the swordbearer to directly attack Crota is all the more impressive. This is a position in the raid that is often the most frustrating for teams, as it requires timing and skill to pull off without getting killed either by the raid boss or one of the minions.

McDonough and Derek pulled this off with a two-man team. McDonough says that Derek soloed the Abyss and Bridge sections of "Crota's End," with plans to share the video of him pulling that off later.

After posting this article, McDonough contacted me via email to let me know about a GoFundMe page to help fulfill Derek's dream of going to Disney World. He's never been out of the state of Massachusetts and would love the chance to visit Florida.

This is not the first time that someone with a disability has defeated Crota and shared a video of their accomplishment, though. YouTube user TheKAPGUN shared videos of him running the length of the entire raid using only one hand.

TheKAPGUN has showcased his one-handed skills on his YouTube channel for the past four years in other PlayStation games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Mortal Kombat, and more. He's translated his skills and online personality to nearly 30,000 subscribers on YouTube.

This is all the more impressive given the number of people that haven't defeated Crota and the even greater number that haven't been able to solo him. A skilled player can solo the entire Raid, but bringing Crota down by onesself, even with around a dozen or so attempts, can prove nigh insurmountable.

Videos from McDonough and TheKAPGUN illustrate the importance of developers and console makers to provide accessibility options. Sony just made accessibility options like button mapping standard for the PlayStation 4 with the recent 2.50 system update. Meanwhile, Destiny is adding options for those that have different forms of colorblindness in the upcoming 1.1.2 update.

Gamers often ask for better accessibility options like button mapping and colorblind support, but don't always get that wish fulfilled. Hopefully, the developers of PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo games and consoles will look at players like Derek and TheKAPGUN and consider adding more.

[Image via Brian McDonough]

[Edit: Added Derek's name and corrected the paragraph on how he uses the PS4 controller. Also added a new paragraph for a GoFundMe drive to help Derek fulfill a wish to go to Disney World.]