March 29, 2015
Creepy Text Messages Viral: Man Receives Disturbing Messages From Random Number, Creepy Response Goes Viral [Photos]

Technological advances have vastly contributed to the evolution of communication. There are so many advantages to having so many forms of communication at your fingertips. However, there are also disadvantages. Unfortunately, one man became the victim of the daunting side of technology.

One man was completely freaked out by a number of disturbing images that were reportedly sent to his cell phone via Twitter DM. According to Viral Nova, the series of multimedia Twitter DMs were sent from a random number on Sunday, Mar. 8. Based on the times documented on the screenshots, the messages were a bit sporadic, coming in at random times over several days.

Most of the photos contained disturbing images of a doll fairly similar to the one featured in the Child's Play horror movies. If the first photo of the doll wasn't disturbing enough, the sender continued to send more altered photos of the doll. One photo shows the doll's mouth being cut, while a later photo shows the doll's mouth painted in red as a presumable representation of blood. The last disturbing photo appeared to be an image of a burning house.

If the sender's goal was to terrorize the recipient of the messages, it's probably safe to say the mission was accomplished.

Here are the screenshots that were uploaded via Viral Nova.

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Was it just the doll burning? I really hope that's what's happening here.

After the image of the burning house, the recipient finally decides to confront the sender. However, the sender's chilling response offered no explanation. As a matter of fact, a number of media outlets insist the response may actually be worse than the photos, reports Mad World News. The unknown sender asked the recipient what he thought about the photo sequence. The guy replied, "I think you're probably a psychopath and you're going to murder me." That's when the conversation abruptly ended. The sender offered no response.

SEE IT: Man Asks Who's Sending CREEPY Messages, Gets 'PSYCHOPATHIC' Response

No further details about the screenshots were released.

How would you respond if you received creepy text messages like this? Share your thoughts.

[Image(s) via Viral Nova; Sean Gallup/Getty Images]