March 21, 2017
Father Of Stoni, Dead Girl Found In Freezer, Speaks About Grief: 'She Was Right There'

Alex Dorsey, father of Stoni Blair, the dead girl found in the freezer alongside her half-brother, Stephen Berry, spoke about his grief today, according to WXYZ 7 Action News.

Stoni and half-brother Stephen Berry were found dead inside a freezer Tuesday of last week, according to USA Today, allegedly having died at the hands of their mother. They were 13 and 9, respectively, at the time they died, according to the medical examiner.

According to WXYZ, Dorsey said the children's' mother stopped allowing him to visit Stoni and her 17-year-old sister, also Dorsey's child, almost two years ago.

"'For two years. Every time I asked she said they were never there. She was right there. She was right there,' said Alex Dorsey as grief for his daughter Stoni overcame him."

Dorsey added that the mother would give excuses as to why he couldn't see Stoni when he asked where she was. Linda Dorsey, Stoni's grandmother, said that the mother would say Stoni was at a sleepover, or otherwise out with a friend, according to WXYZ.

Dorsey said he stopped going to the apartment about seven months prior to his finding out about Stoni's fate only because the mother claimed he wasn't making enough money since he lost his job.

"'That is why she kept me outside. Said you can't come inside. Why can't I come in? She didn't tell me why,' said Dorsey."

He added that he has since realized the girls' mother stopped visitation about the same time she allegedly killed Stoni, according to WXYZ. According to another WXYZ report, Dorsey's fear of legal issues regarding custody is what kept him from pressing her further for access.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Stoni, Stephen, and two surviving siblings, who are currently staying with relatives, all allegedly suffered horrific abuse and torture at the hands of their mother.

Stoni and Stephen Found Dead in Freezer
Stephen, left and Stoni, right, were found in their mother's freezer by court officers evicting the family.

The surviving sister recounted that Blair allegedly tortured Stephen to death in August of 2012 and strangled Stoni to death after pouring hot water on her in May of 2013, according to WXYZ, which was when Blair allegedly forced the oldest sibling, now 17, to place Stoni in the freezer.

"This is not her fault," Dorsey said about his surviving daughter in response to finding out about the abuse. "She did the best she could."

Apparently, the only reasonthe dead children and the abuse were found out about is because court officers were evicting Blair and the family, according to Click On Detroit.

The medical examiner in the case ruled the deaths as homicides and noted the manner of death of Stephen and Stoni as "multiple blunt trauma and multiple blunt trauma and thermal injuries, respectively."

Blair has since admitted to killing both children a few months apart, claiming she thought they abused another child sexually.

Renee McDuffy, the Magistrate for District 36, ordered Blair held on five counts of two different first-degree child abuse charges, although the prosecutor hinted that first-degree murder charges are likely.

Mitchelle Blair - Killed Children, Hid Them in Freezeer
Mitchelle Blair - Tortured, Killed and Hid Children in Freezer.

According to the Miami Herald, Michigan Child Protective Services say the fathers of the surviving children are unfit, and this includes Dorsey.

Dorsey rebuts this statement, according to WXYZ, and says he reported Blair to the state, while his mother, the girls' grandmother, said, "We've been fighting for these babies."

The report notes the state kept giving the children back to Blair.

Dorsey said, "Why did she have to die? She didn't do anything wrong to nobody?"

After being told his daughter Stoni was dead for "a long time," he added, "Lord have mercy. She was right there."

Blair is being held on $1 million bond, and her next hearing to discuss probable cause is expected to happen on April 2, according to the Detroit Free Press.

[Photo Credit: WXYZ, Click On Detroit, USA Today]