October 30, 2018
Life Without Sex: Is It Normal And Is It Our Business? [NSFW]

Warning: The following article may not be safe for work.

Life without sex isn't typically something I would find myself writing about because it's generally something in which I wouldn't have much interest. After all, when nothing is going on -- well, there isn't a whole lot to talk about, right?

I encountered an article on Stuff, called "What Is It Like To Live Without Sex?" The article summarized the lives of three women who lived without sex, ranging from about a year to all of her life. The reasons were because of failed relationships, religion, and a medical issue. All of the women were older than 24 and all had serious relationships at some point in their lives.

My first reaction to the article was, "Why is this important?" It seemed like there was no importance to it at all. The sex lives of other people is a private matter. Whether an adult woman chooses to engage in sex is up to her and her adult partner. If she chooses not to, what is the big deal?

The more I thought about it, the more I realized how important the article actually is -- to point out how desensitized to sex our society has become. We just seem to expect it. Is it no longer the norm that some people may not engage in sex -- and that this fact is normal and okay -- or to assume that it's just none of our business?

We are inundated by sex. From Cialis commercials to pop stars who seem to have no idea what self-respect means, it's in our ears and in our faces whether we want it to be there or not.

It might make me sound prudish, but I do get tired of having to sit through or fast forward through not just one sex scene but a few sex scenes in an otherwise really great show. I get annoyed when it's easier to find a sex-fantasy costume on Halloween than it is to find a real Halloween costume.

I realize that life is not going to change, and I will still be overwhelmed with sex anytime I turn on the TV, browse through YouTube, or look at my husband in a certain way for too long.

However, sometimes I think I am just one of few people who still believe that life without sex is respectable, virtuous, and even responsible. What do you think, Inquisitr readers? Is life without sex normal? Are you ever bothered by too much sex in TV and other places?

[Photo by Guang Niu/Getty Images]