Chinese Tech CEO Compares Apple Inc. Business Model To Adolf Hitler

Apple Inc. has recently become the target of a Chinese tech smear campaign. Recently, CEO of popular Chinese video site, Jia Yueting, posted a very suggestive advertisement. In the cartoon, Adolf Hitler gestured a “Heil Hitler” salute while dressed in full Nazi garb. The only thing off about the cartoon was that the Nazi armband which is supposed to have a swastika symbol had and an Apple logo instead.

The cartoon was meant as a form of advertisement and had a goal to spread a message. From the many messages within the advertisement, it has been believed that Jia Yueting was upset with the success of Apple Inc. and how the company leaves little space for current or emerging tech companies. Beneath the video post, Yueting wrote some words.

“Everyone is worshiping Apple. How can we change so that we can improve the industry?”

While it appears to many that this photo was posted to simply smear Apple’s name, it was mostly to introduce a new Chinese-made smartphone according to Business Insider. The phone was created by LeTV, the company that Yueting runs. LeTV has a long history of providing great video for nationals of the People’s Republic of China. The site is completely in Chinese with videos of Chinese people or cartoons made by Chinese nationals; it has therefore become the Chinese equivalent of YouTube. LeTV only recently began to make smartphones and has reportedly created iPhone inspired designs. The company’s newest phone has a body, color, and a lock screen typeface very similar to that of the iPhone, which stands to reason why Apple might be a problem for LeTV.

Though Jia Yeuting’s new LeTV smartphone may look a lot like the Apple iPhone, he feels that is it much more innovative. He has recently made statements accusing Apple of being successful because of its name, but all the while lacking innovation.

“Under the arrogant regime of iOS domination that developers around the world love yet hate, we are always carefully asking, ‘is this kind of innovation okay? Apple’s closed loop mode greatly curbs technological innovation, hinders the industrial progress and hurts the interests of users.”

According to Jia, comparing Apple Inc. to Hitler was because of its closed system which to him, resembles Adolf Hitler’s closed-mindedness toward other ethnic groups. The LeTV X9000, which Yeuting is advertising in his Hitler-inspired photo is thought to have no chance against a giant like Apple Inc. and its constant emergence of newer iPhone versions.

[Image via Silicon Republic]