For Women Only: The Real Rules Of Attraction To Get Any Man’s Attention

Listen up, ladies. The real rules of attraction, backed by scientific findings, may surprise and help you in finding the right type of chemistry to help things move along a little more smoothly during any romantic encounter with “Mr. Maybe.”

These rules may not help you to know whether or not the man you are with is the right one for you, or maybe you already know he is the one for you. The rules should simply help you add a little spice back into your love life or help you get the attention you’ve been wanting from the opposite sex.

First, according to the Irish Independent, studies show that wearing red makes men look at women a lot differently. In fact, men find women who wear red to be more attractive. In a study done by the City University of New York, men who were already attracted to a woman found themselves to be even more attracted to her when she wore red or even accessorized with the color.

“Women are more likely to wear red than other colors when they anticipate meeting attractive, but not unattractive, men…Heterosexual men are sensitive to red coloration on women. Compared with a range of other colors, women viewed on red backgrounds or wearing red clothing are found more attractive.”

Wearing red is not the only thing to keep a man’s interest, though, and you don’t want to overdo it with the red. Don’t overdo the lipstick. Men tend to be more attracted to women who skip bold colors on their lips and steer more toward natural looks.

According to Allure, studies show women who have animated and happy faces tend to be more attractive to men. While it shouldn’t look like you’re having some sort of uncontrollable muscle-twitching fit, nodding, blinking, and smiling can show a man that you’re interested in him and friendly. Researchers at the University of Bristol claim these movements make it appear that a woman is extroverted and approachable.

Allure also suggests low-lighting, which can set the mood and flatter just about anyone, and of course, to smell great. You don’t want to drench yourself in strong scents, but light vanilla and powdery scents can be very powerful in the rules of attraction. Scent can definitely enhance attraction, just as it can take away from it.

One last tip in the rules of attraction: beautiful, healthy hair. If you haven’t been taking care of your hair lately, treat yourself to a trip to the stylist and get a new hairdo. You will look and feel more confident, and this will only add to your attraction. Shiny, beautiful, and touchable hair can be incredibly sexy, and it can be easily attainable. Ask your stylist for tips on how to maintain your new hairdo if you aren’t sure how to take care of it or which products to use.

Good luck with these simple and real rules of attraction, ladies.

[Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images]