March 29, 2015
'Blood' Oozes From Ceiling Of Bus, Passengers Frantically Yell At Driver To Stop [Video]

Like something out of a horror movie, passengers on a bus in Vancouver, Canada were horrified when a thick, red liquid began to ooze down the walls and from the ceiling, coagulating on the floor. Passengers frantically yelled for the driver to stop so they could get off the bus and find out the cause for the mystery blood. One passenger decided to record the incident with his cellular phone, documenting the horror filled ride for the world to see. Nearly 75,000 views later, the incident has become a viral hit on the internet. Passengers were traumatized by the crimson liquid and were left wondering what it was. The bus company, TransLink, later reassured passengers that they were not in danger and that the liquid was harmless.

The crimson liquid that quickly coagulated on the bus' floor after dripping from the ceiling and covering the walls caused a terrifying commotion, as passengers were left wondering if their lives were in danger. Many believed the liquid to be the blood of a passenger that tried to hitch a ride on the roof. Others believed the liquid to be a hazardous flammable liquid that could set the bus ablaze with a single spark. All of the passengers wanted off of the bus, according to Metro U.K.

The Huffington Post shared that the liquid appeared form multiple locations in the bus, surrounding the passengers with the horrific seepage. Passengers began to panic as they screamed for the driver to stop the bus so they could exit to safety.

Video of the incident was quickly uploaded to YouTube with the caption, "the walls resemble a scene out of 'The Shining.' Bus might need an exorcism."

The bus eventually stopped, and the passengers exited to safety. TransLink officials sent the bus in for an investigation and returned it to the road after a short two-hour repair.

TransLink released an official statement on the horrific incident, reassuring the passengers that the liquid was not the blood of a unfortunate passenger. Instead, it was simply non-toxic and non-flammable hydraulic fluid that seeped from an unexpected leak. They later revised their statement to say the passengers would only have been in danger if they ingested the liquid, although it could irritate exposed skin.

The cause of the link is currently under investigation. However, for the passengers, the bus ride will be the most memorable they may ever take.

[Photo Courtesy: Metro U.K.]