WWE News: Is Roman Reigns Causing The WWE To Worry?

As the bright lights and pageantry of Wrestlemania 31 draws near, the WWE is reportedly worried about Roman Reigns, as he prepares to main event the event against Brock Lesnar, according to PWInsider (via LordsofPain).

The “Samoan Superman” has been the talk of the town this Wrestlemania season, as fans and peers alike have made their reservations about his position on the show heard. Now, as bell time approaches, the WWE is worried about the predicament in which Reigns is currently in.

As the PWInsider stated, after Lesnar’s appearance on ESPN earlier this week, the feeling within the company is that the “Beast Incarnate” will retain his championship. His announcement is expected to garner a tremendously positive reception at Wrestlemania for Lesnar, therefore making Reigns subject to a chorus of boos.

Any potential changes to the outcomes of matches on the show are not confirmed at this point, but as the PWInsider phrases it, the company’s current view of the situation is that “Roman Reigns getting the belt will be a bigger issue among fans than it would be if he lost.”

In an exclusive interview with the Inquisitr this week, the 29-year-old Pensacola, Florida native discussed his opportunity to be in the main event of Wrestlemania.

“It’s hard, because you picture yourself doing it. You create this goal of getting there, but you never know when it is going to happen. That’s the beautiful thing about WWE, because you never know. It’s so unpredictable and life is moving so fast and being on the road so much, there are so many different situations and opportunities that pop up.”

“For me, it’s an extreme blessing.”

Could that blessing become tragedy? The current feeling based from the PWInsider report is that the circumstances surrounding Reigns at this time have put him in a situation that he cannot recover from. With an audience that is rejecting Reigns on the premise that he’s receiving an opportunity solely based off his look, pedigree, and not his current ability, it puts him under a microscope in which he must deliver a strong performance.

That is hope that WWE currently has for tonight’s event.

As the two big men prepare to battle, the WWE is hoping that even if Reigns loses, a strong match and performance on professional wrestling’s biggest stage could earn Reigns respect from a portion of the fan base that is currently against him.

It’s a daunting task for Reigns to try and prove himself to a worldwide universe with just one night’s work. However, with the biggest stage that every pro wrestlers dreams of being at his disposal tonight, a great performance will go a long way to earning Reigns respect. Likewise, a poor performance will add credibility to what the naysayers have stated for months.

[Image via WWE]