March 29, 2015
Woman's Racist Rant On Train Threatens Passengers To 'Speak English While You’re On The Train' [Video]

A woman riding the London Underground released a violent, racist rant targeted at a pair of non-English speaking men. She accused them of using English when they want something, such as a job or a place to live, then revert to their native tongues any other time they speak. Her rant was recorded by another passenger and later uploaded to YouTube where it has received over 40,000 views. The video was passed on to the British Transport police and they are currently investigating the incident. The woman has not yet been identified, angrily instructed the men to "speak English while you're on the train."

The woman accused the men of using English only when they want to "get something," claims Metro U.K. Her racist rant was unexpected and passengers were shocked that her loud and disrespectful tirade was taking place. She was obviously upset at their lack of English vocabulary and accused them of knowing English when they wanted a home or job.

"You know English when you want a job. You know English when you want a flat. You know English when you want f***ing anything."
The pair of men were speaking in their native Eastern European tongue when the woman began to focus her rage toward them. She assumed, as revealed in her racist rant, that the men were talking about the passengers on the train, although her suspicions were not warranted.
"when you want to try and talk about us on the train you talk in your own lingo."

A man known as "Jay," 24, captured the racist tirade on video at approximately 11 p.m., according to The Daily Mail. He was shocked that the woman would openly display her inner racism while demeaning the innocent men on the train.

"It was a total shock to witness this racist abuse. You really don't expect to see it in this day and age."
The accused men were just as shocked as the other passengers when the woman let loose her racist rant. One did respond to her, in English, stating "you don't even know what I was talking about."

Passengers on the train defended the men, calling the woman a "bigot" and "disgusting," but that did not stop the woman's rant.

The men exited the train shortly after, and the woman shouted more racist comments as the doors shut behind them. The British Transport Police are interested in speaking to the lady to ensure she does not disrupt further train rides in the future.

[Photo Courtesy: Mirror U.K.]