Miley Cyrus Instagram: Miley Shows Off Hairy Armpits, Makes Necklace With Wisdom Tooth

Miley Cyrus has been doing a lot of sharing on Instagram lately. The "Wrecking Ball" singer shared a photo of herself enjoying a face mask.

Cyrus captioned the photo, "Best part of being stuck at home all day."


In the photo, she wears a floral print crop top and matching underwear. Miley also dons a pink polka dot turban. What she also rocks is some armpit hair. Some fans noticed the hair on her armpits and commented with the hashtag #armpithair.

The Metro noted that Cyrus's armpit hair looks nothing more than just a little stubble. She probably forgotten to shave, or maybe she's making a feminist statement. Cyrus is not the first celebrity who shared a photo of herself on Instagram with hairy armpits.

Madonna showed off her long armpit hair on Instagram. The queen of pop captioned the photo, "Long hair…Don't care!!!!! #artforfreedom #rebelheart #revolutionoflove." That photo also kicked off the promo for her album Rebel Heart.


Miley also recently shared a necklace she made out of her wisdom tooth. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the performer had five wisdom teeth taken out earlier this week. Miley went too far on Instagram by sharing a photo of her extracted teeth. Now it looks like she's making some good use out of them.

Cyrus combined one of the extracted wisdom teeth and made it with colorful beaded chains, according to FilmiBeat. She wanted to hold onto to one of her lost teeth by making a necklace out of it, of course. Cyrus channeled her inner hippie (and her inner artist) to make the necklace, which looks as if it was made out of toy beads.


She also took it one step further and went topless to model her new necklace to her followers on Instagram. Miley captioned the photo: "Made Meeeeesahhhh @waynecoyne5 #dirtyhippie necklace with my realllll life tooooof in it that's some exclusive a** DUDE NOW YIEW CAN CLONE ME."

The photo is a close up of Miley's new necklace, which displays her wisdom tooth. It also gives fans a glimpse at her cleavage. Miley's photo showed a little too much skin, so it had to be cropped down for this article.

Some fans would say that Cyrus has gone a little too far on Instagram. She's been posting strange manipulated photos of herself and her friends, and she's even been taking a jab at other celebrities. Her fans are also wondering if she's spending too much on the photo sharing app. Cyrus has become known for what she posts on Instagram rather than her music.

What are your thoughts on Miley Cyrus's Instagram photos? Do you think she takes it too far?

[Images: Miley Cyrus via Instagram]