Alleged Florida State Fraternity Member Bites Head Off Hamster In Drunken Spring Break Video [Graphic Video]

Warning: The video may be disturbing to some and is graphic in nature.

A college student at a spring break party performed a horrifying party trick as revelers looked on and cheered. In the video, an alleged Florida State fraternity member can be seen biting the head off of a live hamster. The student then spits out the head and throws the body over a fence. Shocked party-goers have mixed reactions, but some can be heard cheering, “so good, so good.”

In the video, we see a student dressed in a pink T-shirt with a wolf graphic. The alleged fraternity boy can be seen grinning widely as he prepares for the horrifying stunt. The boy removes a live hamster from a backpack and proceeds to quickly bite the animal’s head off. After beheading the creature, he then throws its body over a nearby fence. He screams in delight and is cheered on by the crowd. In the background, you can see some of the other party-goers smiling as he performs his feat. In the audio, you can distinctly hear a member of the crowd saying, “so good, so good.” Others seemed more shocked by what they just witnessed, saying, “oh my f***ing G-d.” Despite the dismay of some of the witnesses, it seems that no one took issue with the death of the hamster.

PETA has launched a campaign in an attempt to find the perpetrator of the hamster beheading. Stephanie Bell, PETA’s Cruelty Casework Director, told the Daily Mail that they are working with the university to identify the boy in the pink shirt. She notes that animal cruelty should be a community concern and that this person needs to be prosecuted for their behavior.

“It is horrific. We don’t know who this man is but we are working to track him down and prosecute. Animal abuse is a community concern. People who abuse animals rarely do so only once and almost never stop there. The link between cruelty to animals and inter-personal violence is undeniable. Many of our nation’s serial killers and most school shooters share a history of animal abuse.”

Do you think the college student should be prosecuted for biting the head off of a live hamster?