March 29, 2015
Jonathan Taylor: Alabama Football Player Arrested For Assaulting Girlfriend In Tuscaloosa

Jonathan Taylor, the Alabama football player and defensive lineman, has been arrested again for beating his girlfriend in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. ESPN is reporting now that the 21-year old football player was charged with one count of domestic violence, 3rd degree assault, and domestic violence 3rd degree criminal mischief.

The domestic violence incident took place on Saturday night. According to police records, law enforcement officials responded to the call at around 6 p.m. on Jackson Avenue. That's when officials say the 24-year old female victim told them that Jonathan Taylor had assaulted her. Injuries to the woman's neck were visible. After arriving at the girlfriend's apartment at the 100 block of E. 15th Street, police saw signs that a fight had taken place, including a damaged bedroom door. After speaking with Jonathan Taylor, he was taken into custody and transported to the county jail.

This is not the first time Jonathan Taylor has been arrested for domestic violence. In a previous incident, he punched and choked his girlfriend during an argument at his dorm. For his actions, he was booted off the Georgia team, and when he was signed to Alabama, Nick Saban was brutally criticized for his decision. Many stated that Taylor obviously had a pattern of abuse and would find himself in trouble again. About the decision to give Taylor a second chance, Alabama Coach Nick Saban made a statement.

"We recruited this young man out of high school. We felt that what we knew about him, what his high school coaches said about him, from what people at the school he was at said about him and where he came from in junior college that he was the kind of guy that deserved a second chance."

"But with that chance we also have stipulations and things that he needs to do from a personal-development standpoint so that he won't make any kind of mistake like this again. That's an on-going process with him. That's something that we continue to monitor, and it's something he's done a very good job with."

Now, fans and other members of the public are outraged. Many want to know how many times it takes for Taylor to beat women before he actually serves time. Jonathan Taylor is a big guy. At 6 feet 4 inches and 337 pounds, Taylor could actually kill a woman just by punching her, depending on the force. Others say he deserves a third chance, as long as he agrees to counseling and learns to process anger and resolve conflict in a decent manner.

Some comments by social media posters aren't so forgiving.

"He sounds like a real winner"

"Well sounds like a real upstanding citizen......NOT"

"He has no chance in hell to play in the NFL now."

Jonathan Maurice Taylor must remain in custody for at least 12 hours. He currently sits on a $1,000 bond. This week, the Inquisitr reported on the death of a Goodyear, Arizona woman who was stabbed to death by her husband. In that case, John Leo Davis was charged with murder. He also had a history of domestic violence and abuse in his relationships.

[Photo Credit: Twitter]