Michael Jackson’s Two Space-Inspired Shoes: One Is DIY, The Other Is In A Lawsuit

True Michael Jackson fans have two more feathers to put in their caps in the form of space-related shoes that have Michael Jackson written all over them. In most news related to Michael Jackson after his death in 2009, they are rehashing old legends — like the time he was blamed for breaking up Guns N’ Roses. However, most news related to Michael Jackson published after his death pertains to how he was a known genius — and his two headlining stories related to shoes show that he was more than just an entertainment genius.

A legal story about Michael Jackson and shoes started developing in December 2014 — and it involves Adidas and Nike. As Oregon Live first reported in mid-March, Nike employed a designer named Denis Dekovic to make shoes based on Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker. When Dekovic opened a separate design studio for Adidas, Nike sued, saying that they thought it broke their original agreement. For the time being, the project is on hold — which likely means no Michael Jackson Moonwalker shoes will be released in 2015.

This is unfortunate for Nike, since the Michael Jackson shoes were sold to investors who were told that “potential investors [can] expect $93 million in profit in the first six years after a 2015 Moonwalker product launch.”

Long story short, Nike filed the lawsuit because they wanted it established that they owned the rights to any of Dekovic’s Michael Jackson Moonwalker designs.

Fast Company Design published a longer explanation of the Michael Jackson Moonwalker shoe lawsuit that described what happened as a coup by Adidas. Three of Nike’s top designers left — and took the Michael Jackson Moonwalker shoe ideas with them despite the fact they made those designs on Nike’s watch.

The Fast Company Design article also states that Dekovic was hiding a secret from the designers he defected with to Adidas. It turns out that Dekovic alone was harboring his own investors for the Michael Jackson Moonwalker shoe designs — and had planned to launch as the sole designer between 2015 and 2017.

Speaking of shoe designs and the law — the fact that Michael Jackson legally owned the rights to an anti-gravity shoe is also currently being rehashed in the media. Mashable recently posted about Michael Jackson’s anti-gravity shoes that were designed and patented by the King of Pop in 1993. The patent posted on Google was based on Michael Jackson’s video “Smooth Criminal.”

In 2010, the Atlantic published a story about the Michael Jackson anti-gravity shoes and said he often tried to recreate his videos for stage performances. The moves he was able to do on “Smooth Criminal” were staged, so Michael Jackson had to figure out a way to recreate this dance effect in person. The way Michael Jackson was able to do this is with a shoe patented as a “method and means for creating anti-gravity illusion.”

The Atlantic went on to explain that Michael Jackson’s shoe was invented with “a special hitch that changes the wearer’s center of gravity, allowing the dancer to shift forward more than the gravity would normally allow, thus creating an anti-gravity illusion.”

If Nike and the designers of the Michael Jackson-inspired Moonwalkers ever quit fighting, fans will be able to buy those shoes. But are the “Smooth Criminal” anti-gravity shoes from Michael Jackson available for sale to dedicated fans? As a matter of fact, many Michael Jackson fans recommend that you use the anti-gravity shoe patent instructions to make the shoes yourself — no purchase necessary.

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