‘Call of Duty’ DLC ‘Ascendance’ Launches This Week, Exo Zombies Gets Mini-Boss

When Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s second major DLC, titled “Ascendance,” hits Xbox consoles this week, fans have a lot to look forward to.

“Ascendance” will not only give players new weapons, maps, and the new grappling playlist, but the Call of Duty DLC will feature a new mini-boss addition to the popular Exo Zombie mode introduced with the last DLC. According to an interview on VG247, High Moon Studios’ Matt Tieger stated that the addition of the mini-boss will change how players approach zombie encounters.

“We added what most of our focus testers are referring to a mini boss. Around wave ten there’s a big guy with a riot shield and hammer. He changes the co-op play style. In Exo Zombies often players split apart and take the threats between the four of them. If you do that with this guy you’re going to have a hard time. He’s really a 4 vs 1 strategy. It requires focused fire.”

High Moon Studios is the team leading the design of how zombies play in Call of Duty’s “Ascendance” DLC, and the inclusion of the mini-boss is but just one gameplay variant the team has in store for Call of Duty players. Tieger went on the state that as the rounds progress and the infection continues, certain areas of the map could become closed off to players. This would force Call of Duty players to use different parts of the map, applying slow, but suffocating, pressure to the team as you get higher and higher in the round.

“Ascendance” is the second major DLC pack to launch for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and like “Havoc” before it, Xbox Call of Duty players will have access to the content at least a month before the other platforms. PC and PlayStation fans will likely be waiting a month for the Call of Duty DLC to hit their platform, which calls into question whether the practice of third-party console-exclusive content should be something developers take part in.

However, if you’re playing Call of Duty on a Xbox console, be prepared for the DLC to hit this Tuesday, March 31. For those still waiting for “Ascendance” to hit their platform, at least you can take advantage of the double-XP weekend going on right now, as reported yesterday by the Inquisitr.

Excited for the new Call of Duty “Ascendance” DLC? What’s the feature you’re most looking forward to playing? Sound off below.

[Image via VG247]