‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Finale Spoilers: Who Dies? — Major Spoilers!

The Walking Dead Season 5 finale is only hours away, and fans are worried about who might die in the finale episode of the season. According to the latest spoilers from the Undead Walking, there will be some serious drama on the hit AMC series on Sunday night, and what happens during the episode will shock a lot of fans. (Big spoilers below!)

The report reveals a detailed review of exactly what happens during the finale, and there will be some a lot of blood shed, some of which will come from Rick’s group. As viewers know, Rick Grimes is not in the good graces of the Alexandria townspeople, especially the leader, Deanna, after he and Jessie’s husband, Pete, got in to a bloody brawl during last week’s episode.

Rick pulled a gun on the group and ranted about how they don’t know what it is like to live in the world the way it is now before Michone took a stand and knocked Rick out before he could dig an ever bigger hole for himself and his group. However, Deanna may see things very differently after her husband, Reg, is killed.

The Spoiling Dead Facebook fan page reveals that Jessie’s husband, Pete, will lose control and steal Michone’s sword, running wildly into the street to kill Rick. However, he’ll accidentally slit Reg’s throat in the process. Deanna, who has stated time after time that she does not believe in killing people, but will exile them if they don’t belong in Alexandria, will sit holding her bleeding and dying husband before telling Rick to “do it” and kill Pete, whom Rick wanted to take out days earlier.

Rick will execute Pete, hopefully not in front of his wife and children, and will get a very big surprise immediately after. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Daryl will find Rick’s old friend, Morgan, who has been looking for Rick the entire season. Daryl and Aaron will find him during their recruiting mission and bring Morgan back to Alexandria. Morgan will see Rick kill Pete, and the two will have an intense reunion to end The Walking Dead Season 5 finale.

In addition to Pete and Reg’s deaths, one beloved character will be shot. Glenn Rhee will have a big showdown with Nicholas, the man who accused him of being at fault for Deanna’s son, Aiden’s, death. When Glenn decides to let Nicholas go, the Alexandria member won’t be so caring and shoot Glenn!

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